Archer tattoos have different meaning to everyone. From simple and beautiful to intricate and magnificent, you can find a plethora of designs and styles that will make you want even more. Like the polynesian tattoo, the archery theme is very popular among the sharpshooting world of tattoos. For today’s post we are going to show you a collection of archery inspired tattoos that might inspire your next ink adventure. So stay tuned and keep reading. You may also see Arrow Tattoo Designs

Traditional Archery Tattoo

Traditional Archery Tattoo Source

A female archer with colorful wings. You can have it in simple black ink or you can mix it up for an amazing cover up idea. The idea is amazing and can work for both men and women.

Archery Hunting Tattoo Design

Archery Hunting Tattoo Design Source

This is a simple archer fighter design. The lining has not much detail but it is still a great idea for tattoo. It is an easy tattoo that can be finished in one session and can be filled with color. You may also see Hunting Tattoo Designs

Black Work Archery Tattoo

Black Work Archery Tattoo Source

You can consider this bow and arrow tattoo that will look great on your forearm or on your leg. Despite the dark coloring, the design has great detail on the bow and arrow having the target background completes the look.

Archery Tattoo for Shoulder

Archery Tattoo for Shoulder Source

The elegance of this tattoo makes it perfect for women. The simple lining and shading of the design creates a beautiful archery tattoo. Furthermore, you can always add something extra later on if you change your mind. You may also see Geometric Tattoo Designs

Archery Tattoo on Palm

Archery Tattoo on Palm Source

The arrow that comes through the skin is part of a great detailed work that makes it look realistic. The shading would require some time but the simple layout would be quick and easy to do.

Archery Tattoo for Sleeve

Archery Tattoo for Sleeve Source

This one with the antlers and the bone along with the arrow and bows makes for an amazing tattoo idea. It would also be great with a bear tattoo showing her teeth and claws in a fierce sleeve tattoo design.

Archery Tattoo for Leg

Archery Tattoo for Leg Source

An awesome tattoo with Indian archer that is suitable for both men and women. It has great detail in the lining with a touch of shading creating an amazing piece of art. Tattoos like this need great skill to achieve.

Archery Tattoo Design on Wrist

Archery Tattoo Design on Wrist Source

The different designs of the three arrows make this tattoo a great example of archery artwork. The careful detailing and the shading bring the design together. You can also have it in a colored version.

Archery Tattoo with Girl

Archery Tattoo with Girl Source

The unique idea of the girl holding and aiming her bow with her legs is creating an interesting tattoo. The coloring is also amazing giving an exotic feeling to the design. It is suitable for both men and women. You may also see Forearm Tattoo Designs

Black and Grey Archery Tattoo

Black and Grey Archery Tattoo Source

Simple Archery Tattoo Design

Simple Archery Tattoo Design Source

Cool Archery Tattoo for Men

Cool Archery Tattoo for Men Source

Dot Work Archery Tattoo Design

Dot Work Archery Tattoo Design Source

Archery Tattoo on Foot

Archery Tattoo on Foot Source

If you are looking for your next tattoo idea we hope to have helped you with this list of tattoos. The archer designs can be adjusted for every tattoo you want to have, from small arrows between the fingers to full fledged sleeve tattoos every single one will be unique.

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