Time is one of the most important element for everyone and what better way to represent it than with an eye-catching clock tattoo. These tattoos portray a special point in one’s life like a wedding day, date of birthday and death of a loved one. Just because a clock is designed to show time, does not limit the design to the standard black shade. You can go for a watercolor tattoo or a 3D design. Below are visually appealing clock tattoos. You may also See Watch Tattoo

Clock Arm Tattoo Design

If you want a clock tattoo with a rich Spanish history, then get inspiration from the painting: The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. The melting clock design is a surrealist masterpiece that symbolizes how time has no power in the dream world.

clock arm tattoo design


Sand Clock Tattoo Design

In ancient days, an hourglass was used to measure time hence a tattoo of this design can depict history, past life, and future events. The sand flows in the hourglass regardless of its external environment and this tattoo explains how time will keep passing regardless of our deeds. You may also See Pyramid Tattoo

sand clock tattoo design


Skull Clock Tattoo Design

A skull with a clock tattoo carries a symbolic meaning of death. It can also show a dark period in someone’s life. The black and gray ink work further enhances the seriousness of the message. Go for a large body art and ink it as a sleeve tattoo.

skull clock tattoo design


Old Clock Tattoo Idea

Old clock tattoos which are also known as vintage and grandfather designs are a representation of one’s tradition. They signify a person who lived in past eras or maybe you just want to link yourself with past time.

old clock tattoo idea


Small Clock Tattoo Design

Small clock tattoos on the back are for ladies who want a simple, subtle design that is also catchy and unique.

small clock tattoo design


Clock Tattoo Importance

Apart from showcasing a particular period, clock tattoos are a simple explanation of life and death. Hence act as a reminder of how every single moment counts. To better explain the message clock tattoos can incorporate other designs like a flower, skull, quote, cross and dates. To accommodate the symbolic meaning and details that an individual is trying to express, these tattoos tend to be large. The ticking hands of minutes, seconds and hours, gives a meaning of endlessness of infinity. You may also See Steampunk Tattoo

Clock tattoos do much more than tell time. Depending on an individual, these tattoos have different symbolic meanings and add an aesthetic appeal to whichever body part they are placed. To convey the right message, the style of the clock must be considered. An older clock model is perfect for drawing a tribal tattoo.

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