Tattoos don’t always have to be meaningful; sometimes they can just be fun and frisky. Meaningful or not, funky or not, as long as you get them right you get the attention. Talking about funky, we went through social media to find different fruit tattoo designs as we thought it would be an interesting idea. So, here we are with 10 different ideas that you could consider if you are planning to get a tattoo.

Fruit Sleeve Tattoo Design

fruit sleeve tattoo design


This is quite a funky and interesting design to get done on your sleeves. It gives out a very beach-like, relaxing feeling. The color orange is just spectacular and hence we love this tattoo and think it gives out a holiday vibe.

Orange Tattoo on Leg

orange tattoo on leg


The orange tattoo is beautiful to get done on your leg also mainly because of its color, it is bright and will catch people’s attention undoubtedly. Also, if you get it done just like in the picture it will look very cute and adorable.

Juicy Fruit Tattoo Design

juicy fruit tattoo design


This juicy fruit design tattoo idea is very cute. Apart from that, the colors are done to perfection. We love how simple it is and the placement of the tattoo is just perfect.

Cute Watermelon Tattoo on Hand

cute watermelon tattoo on hand


You love the tattoo more when you see colors and the whole concept behind it. In this case, the half eaten watermelon with seeds tattoo look and blend in so perfectly. For someone who loves watermelon, this design is perfect and it will keep reminding you of the fruit every season.

Half Sleeve Fruit Tattoo Design

haif sleeve fruit tattoo design


This Pineapple tattoo done near the arm looks very neat and elegant. It is a plain black sketch with minimal shading done to it. We like how it looks overall and think that this will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Pair Fruit Tattoo for Hands

pair fruit tattoo for hands


Banana Sleeve Tattoo Design

banana sleeve tattoo design


Black Small Fruits Tattoo on Toes

black small fruits tattoo on toes


Simple Cherry Fruit Tattoo

simple cherry fruit tattoo


Awesome Pineapple Tattoo Design

awesome fruit tattoo for back


Knife with Fruit Tattoo

knife with friut tattoo


Mango Fruit Tattoo for Men

mango fruit tattoo for men


These are some of the funky at the same time splendid tattoo designs. If you want to get some different tattoos, here is your chance and multiple options.

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