Thanks to celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, a watermelon tattoo has become one of the best fruit ink designs. This fruit not only has many health benefits, but it’s also the perfect fruit to eat during summer. Apart from a watermelon tattoo, individuals who love fruits because of their health benefits can use the health angle to get the trendy Watermelon tattoo. So, whether you eat melons or not, there is definitely a watermelon tattoo design that you can appreciate.

Watermelon Slice Tattoo Design

Watermelon Slice Tattoo Design Source

The beautiful contrasting green and red color in a watermelon helps portray a fun individual. While a traditional watermelon tattoo is suitable for all genders, adding other features is what will bring out a masculine or feminine design.

Black and white Watermelon Tattoo

Black and white Watermelon Tattoo Source

A black and white watermelon tattoo is perfect for those individuals who prefer a design that’s not loud. The small size, black and white color combination makes this tattoo simple but tasteful for both young and grownups.

Watermelon Tattoo for Leg

Watermelon Tattoo for Leg Source

The green rind, red gradient and black seeds in a watermelon compliments all skin tones giving your legs that beautiful curvy feature. To make the tattoo more prominent add a yellow flower and match with a pair of gold sandals.

Watermelon Tattoo on Hand

Watermelon Tattoo on Hand Source

Opt for a juicy watermelon tattoo with asymmetrical patterns on your hand. While the size of this tattoo depends entirely on you, the light shading tone on the fruit portrays a fun personality making this tattoo suitable for young people.

Watermelon Tattoo Design for Shoulder

Watermelon Tattoo design for Shoulder Source

Guys, spice up the traditional watermelon slice tattoo by including a dragon head. You can also make the design more visible by getting inked on the shoulder and giving the watermelon rind both a green and yellow color.

Floral Watermelon Tattoo Design

Floral Watermelon Tattoo Design Source

When it comes to how many colors you can use for a floral Watermelon tattoo design; the sky is the limit. The floral design and purple background color shade make this tattoo suitable for both young and mature women.

Watermelon Dagger Tattoo

Watermelon Dagger Tattoo Source

Men looking for a different but meaningful fruit tattoo will love the watermelon Dagger Tattoo. Adding a knife or a sword into the watermelon slice gives the tattoo a more masculine side but also portrays a fun personality.

Small Watermelon Tattoo on Wrist

Small Watermelon Tattoo on Wrist Source

Combine your love for geometry and watermelons by getting a watermelon tattoo on your wrist. This design is great for people getting tattoos for the first time.

Back Watermelon Tattoo Design

Back Watermelon Tattoo Design Source

Back Watermelon Tattoo Design
Creativity is crucial when it comes to watermelon designs. Go for a watermelon in a form of a Popsicle to portray your creativity and opt for a pink color shade instead of the red color to give the tattoo your personal touch.

Juicy Watermelon Tattoo on Leg

Juicy Watermelon Tattoo on Leg Source

To enhance the beauty of your legs or to make your legs stand out, go for a juicy watermelon tattoo. Add some biting marks on the inked art to give it a cool meaning.

Watermelon Tattoo For Women

Watermelon Tattoo For Women Source

Animal with Watermelon Tattoo

Animal with Watermelon Tattoo Source

Ankle Watermelon Tattoo Design

Ankle Watermelon Tattoo Design Source

Attractive Watermelon Tattoo Idea

Attractive Watermelon Tattoo Idea Source

Hip Watermelon Tattoo Idea

Hip Watermelon Tattoo Idea Source

Watermelon and Pineapple Tattoo

Watermelon and Pineapple Tattoo Source

Sleeve Tattoo Design

Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

Flower with Watermelon Tattoo

Flower with Watermelon Tattoo Source

Funny Watermelon Tattoo

Funny Watermelon Tattoo Source

Watermelon Tattoo for Palm

Watermelon Tattoo for Palm Source

Trendy Watermelon Tattoo for Thigh

Trendy Watermelon Tattoo for Thigh Source

Makeup is one of the easiest most affordable ways of hiding a tattoo. Using a brush apply a liquid or cream concealer to your tattoo, allow it to dry for a few seconds then add a foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply another coat of concealer and then seal with a hair spray.
Just as a peach tattoo symbolizes immortality so does a juicy watermelon tattoo portrays a quenching thirst for life. The bright colors of this fruit make this tattoo perfect for any age and gender. So, get yourself a watermelon tattoo design that portrays a meaning or symbol that is unique only to you.

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