Ever known since the Victorian era, key tattoos are one of the most popular and meaningful tattoo designs. It is mostly used as a metaphor and a symbol of secret. It symbolizes mystery because you really don’t know what it unlocks for you! Whether big or small, classic or modern, key tattoos are cute and hold real significance for the wearer. Skeleton key tattoos are very popular because of its vintage and stunning look. Tattoo artist can ornate and accentuate the beauty of the key tattoo with addition of a heart shaped lock, symbolizing love for that special person.

Side Rib Key Tattoo Design For Women

side rib key tattoo for women


Different Designed Key Leg Tattoo Art

bee designed key leg tattoo art


A key tattoo is a pure epitome of freedom, imagination, secretiveness, purpose and opportunity. You can either wear a petite key tattoo behind your ear, on the wrist or on the finger or go for large ornate key tattoo on the upper back for a glam look. The color palette for key tattoo design includes a wide array of black, grey and all other bright and vivid colors. You can also flaunt this tattoo with the new school style or just dot work.

Key to my heart tattoo

This tattoo design makes a personal statement. This tattoo is an embodiment of true love and passion for someone you love. Some examples of these designs include a heart with a chain draped around it with a key. Negatively, this also can symbolize betrayal and heartache.

Crossed key tattoos

This is a unique design of key tattoos.

Crossed Design Key Tattoo Art

croosed design key tattoo art


Etching Style Cross Key Tattoo

etching style couple key tattoo


Number key

This design is for the ones who believe in numerology and considers keeping their lucky number with them all along.

Number Key Tattoo On Leg

number key tattoo on leg

Ribbon & key tattoo

A pretty and charming tattoo design for all the lovely ladies.

Ribbon and Key Tattoo on Hand

ribbon and key tattoo on hand


Couples key tattoo

This denotes key to each other’s heart.

Vintage Lock and Key Foot Tattoo

vintage lock and key foot tattoo


Skeleton key tattoo

These are the most popular of the key tattoos because of their versatility in designs. These can be made either plain to extremely embellished. The skull key tattoo can be symbol of opportunity, life or death.

Skeleton Key and Lock Tattoo Design

skeleton key and lock tattoo design


Ankle key tattoo

Cute, petite and utter feminine ; this design is all time favourite among girls.

Lock and Chain Ankle Tattoo Design

lock and chain leg tattoo design


Skeleton Tattoo on Ankle

skeleton tattoo on ankle


Bird & key tattoo

This tattoo design is a beautiful amalgamation depicting freedom.

Bird and Key Arm Tattoo

bird and key arm tattoo


Musical key tattoo

A key with musical notes is indeed a mesmerizing design.

Musical Key Hand Tattoo Design

musical key hand tattoo design

Flower Key Tattoo on Hip For Girls

flower key tattoo on hip for girls


Black Key Tattoo Design on Neck

black key tattoo design on neck


Rose and Key Tattoo Design On Leg

rose and key tattoo design on leg


Tattoo Of Two Small Keys On Wrists

tattoo of two small keys on wrists


Shoulder Key Tattoo Design

shoulder key tattoo design


Harry Potter Key Tattoo on Hand

harry potter key tattoo on hand


Simple Key Tattoo Design

simple key tattoo design


Key With Eye Tattoo Design

key with eye tattoo design


Simple Key Tattoo On Hip

simple key tattoo on hip


Clock Locket Key Design Tattoo

clock locket key design tattoo


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