Seahorse is an adorable sea creature. These almost cuddly creatures come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure, they are gaining a lot of popularity when it comes to tattoo designs. Seahorse tattoos can be as simple as black and white designs or as complicated as almost real-life in concept. If you are thinking of getting a simple, yet unique tattoo, you may want to consider a seahorse design.

Black and White Seahorse Tattoo

black and white seahorse tattoo


This is a nice interpretation of a seahorse tattoo design. The design looks like a seahorse shape cut from a floral printed fabric or paper. The concept is so unique that it a real beauty in its own right. This is perfect for both men and women.

Seahorse Tattoo on Foot

seahorse tattoo on foot


Tattoo on the foot? Why not? Black seahorse? Yes, why not again. This tattoo design would actually look good anywhere in the body. But having it on foot is a unique way to display your love for the beach, the sea, and this adorable creature.

Amazing Seahorse Tattoo On Wrist

amazing seahorse tattoo on wrist


This wrist tattoo is as fresh as the morning sun. The design is simple, but the shape is definitely seahorse. This is a perfect henna tattoo for those who likes seahorses but do not want to be permanently inked.

Seahorse Tattoo for Forearm

seahorse tattoo for forearm


A seahorse and a shell in one tattoo design speak volume of one’s love for the sea. The choice of colors is perfect with the lavender seahorse and pink shells. The green used for the leaves adds a nice contrast to the overall design.

Cute Seahorse Neck Tattoo

cute seahorse neck tattoo


This is a cute seahorse resting comfortable on a sexy neck. Usually, neck tattoos are inked on the back of the neck, but inking this cute design on the side of the neck is something that is both unusual and effective.

Palm Seahorse Tattoo Design

palm seahorse tattoo design


A simple black seahorse tattoo would be perfect for a hand tattoo. Take a look at this tattoo and you would surely want exactly the same design on your own hand. This seahorse tattoo design would also look good on the arm or the leg. Though it seems to be designed for women, a little modification would make this design suitable for men, as well.

Green Seahorse Tattoo on Hand

green seahorse tattoo on hand


Designed Seahorse Tattoo Idea

designed seahorse tattoo idea


Animal tattoos are very popular. In most cases, the kind of animal designed is a representation of the person. If you like Seahorse, then it is most probably because you love the water and you find this creature truly adorable and cute. Before you get a seahorse tattoo, though, you should decide on certain factors like size, color and background design.

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