Party dresses are specifically made for attending parties. They are cute, feminine and make it fun for women to dress up. Finding the ideal party dress is all about considering the dressing code of the occasion and looking for a design that highlights your personality as well as flatters your body shape. Whether you are attending a cocktail or garden party, in this article we have different party dress designs to ensure you look at any event. You may also see Best Black Party Dresses

White Party Dresses

White party dresses are glamorous, elegant and suitable for occasions where the dressing code is all white. For a white party, your dress should be comfortable and consider the weather. You may also see Cocktail Dress Designs

White Party Midi Dress

white party midi dress

Holiday Party Dresses

Holiday party dresses are ideal for casual occasions giving you the freedom to experiment with different colors and patterns. For a retro look wear a loose bohemian dress with thigh high socks and lace up ankle boots.

Black Holiday Party Dress

black holiday party dress

Black Party Dresses

If you have received an invitation to attend a party and the dressing code is black, wearing the little black dress will ensure you look presentable. You can experiment with different colors of accessories depending on your hairstyle. Adding a chunky statement will complete your look. You may also see Evening Dress Designs

Long Sleeve Black Party Dress

long sleeve black party dress

Red Party Dresses

Red party dresses will make you the center of attention without saying a word. With different shades of reds, pick the one that complements your skin tone. To complete your bold look opt for blood red lips and nude strappy high heels.

Long Red Party Dress

long red party dress


Wedding Party Dresses

Wedding party dresses tend to have a casual and semi-formal setting. Knee length dresses in a color that complements the theme of the wedding are appropriate as a casual daytime wedding party. For a formal wedding party, wear a floor length dress. You may also see Gold Dress Designs

Short Party Dresses

Short party dresses are for ladies who love showing off their sexy legs. They are often above the knees giving them a sexy, youthful look. Opt for a mini floral dress and pair with a leather jacket and knee high socks.

Cute Short Party Dress

cute short party dress

Tea Party Dresses

Whether you are attending children tea party, garden or bridal tea party, your tea party dress has to look stunning. Fancy dresses or princess gown will fit this occasion.

Floral Tea Party Dress

floral tea party dress

Sequin Party Dresses

Do you want a dress that will make you stand out? Then go for sequin party dresses. The sparkly material will ensure you are the main focus in the room. To make a bold statement wear a backless sequin dress with black peep toe heels.

Gold Sequin Party Dress

gold sequin party dress


Long Sleeve Party Dresses

Long sleeve party dresses are perfect for those days when the weather is chilly. The long sleeves will ensure you remain warm. Since you won’t be able to show off, your arms look for a dress that draws attention to other body parts such as your hips or legs.

Long Party Dresses

Long party dresses have an elegant look that makes them ideal for black tie parties. Their floor length can easily overshadow your curves unless you wear a body hugging gown cinched at the waist. You can even add a thin metallic belt to put a focus on your waist.

Simple Long Party Dress

simple long party dress

Engagement Party Dresses

If your engagement is coming up and you still haven’t found the ideal dress, then engagement party dresses are just what you need. A dress with a short hemline will show your legs while a deep V-neck will make it fun for you to wear a statement necklace.

Strapless Engagement Party Dress

strapless engagement party dress

Cocktail Party Dresses

Are you looking for a dress to attend a cocktail party? Cocktail dresses are a must have for any woman who attends various social events. They are easy to style with accessories. For a bold look wear an animal print dress.

Elegant Cocktail Party Dress

elegant cocktail party dress


Bodycon Party Dresses

Bodycon party dresses are tight fitting from bust to the hem hence drawing attention to your body. They are popularly known as bandage dresses and suit ladies with hourglass figures. Add high heeled stilettos and a skinny belt in a contrasting color to break the monotony. You may also see Bodycon Dress Designs

Black Bodycon Party Dress

black bodycon party dress

Lace Party Dresses

Own the dance floor by wearing a pretty lace dress to a party. Lace party dresses exude a flirty image yet are feminine enough to show that you are a lady. The delicate material of lace makes these dresses ideal for special party occasions.

Floral Lace Party Dress

floral lace party dress

Tips to Select Dress Designs for Party

Party dresses show a woman’s personality and fashion style. When choosing a party dress always consider your body shape, personal style and the rules for the event you are attending. Women have different body shapes hence a dress that flatters an apple shape will look different on a slim figure. You also need to consider the occasion. A dress that you wear to a beach wedding party will not look proper in a formal work party.

Party dresses make it fun for ladies to dress up and look stunning. While you can choose from lace, sequin, velvet and tulle; your ideal party dress has to flatter your complexion, body shape, and the fabric should suit the immediate weather condition. Just like when choosing wedding dresses, consider the theme and you will stand out.

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