The ocean comprises over 70 percent of the totality of the Earth. In it are a lot of the world’s most precious marine wildlife. These species are very valuable that they need to be protected and preserved, so that the future generations can also appreciate their beauty as we are able to do today. To learn more, we need to experience swimming with them through scuba diving.

We have a whole gallery of downloadable diving banner designs to choose from. You may either have these banners printed and hung on surfaces, or you can also publish it as banner ads on the internet for it to get noticed. Let people experience firsthand swimming with underwater creatures so they will also learn to appreciate the existence of wildlife they do not always see. To learn more about the business banners that we are offering, feel free to scroll down and check them out yourself.


Vertical Scuba Diving Banner with Fishes in EPS


The banner design above shows us schools of different species of fish with varying colors. These banners also have a call to action inviting readers to “dive to the amazing underwater world” and to “enjoy the underwater journey“. These banner designs are in vertical orientation, which means that if you wish to have it printed, you may either have it attached on high walls or turn it into a roll-up banner. However, if you simply want it to be a web banner, you may do so and just publish it online for a fee.


Swimming Banner Designs in Vector EPS


Since the month of June has been declared Ocean Month, it coincides well with the summer season. People enjoy this season by going to the beach. Timing is key, and it makes it easier for you to promote beach and diving activities to the public. Download the design above for advertising banners relating to swimming, the beach, and the sea.


Ancient Scrolls Diving Banner Designs



Check out the cool banner designs above! It gives you a feeling of looking at a long lost scroll or a treasure map that has just been recovered by a pirate. If you’re into pirate-themed movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean series, or video games such as the Monkey Island series, then this would be a wonderful choice since you can relate to it.


Underwater Sea Exploration Banner Designs


Why Use Banners For Marketing and Advertising?

  • Whether you choose a printable banner or a web-published form, using banners are not expensive, especially if you choose to download the ones from our website. Even for those who are on a limited budget, banners can easily be downloaded, you just need to customize it to suit your needs and to help you make a profit in your business.
  • For printed banners, you need to make sure to place it in locations that have a large crowd for them to be easily noticed. This is not really a complicated factor to consider. For web banners, you only need to have it published on sites with a large traffic such as social media to achieve the same purpose.
  • Banners can be reused the next time you want to promote a similar event. In this case, if you want to promote underwater activities again for next year’s National Ocean Month, you may do so by simply posting your printed banner or publishing your web banner again.

Hand-drawn Vectors Diving Banners



You have to give it to those who make handmade designs. They have put in more effort than those who rely more on computers to achieve the same result. With these handmade banner designs, you get the beauty from the art presented to you while being called to join in scuba diving activities for “the best experience” this summer season.


Sea Floor Diving Experience Banners



Promote to the public a wonderful diving experience by using these simple promotion banner designs. These place more emphasis on the corals, the homes of fishes; thus, they are considered to be very important and should be preserved at all cost. Why destroy something that brings color and life to the ocean and its creatures when we can just visit them and see their beauty?


Cute Scuba Divers Horizontal Banners



Download this creative banner design if you wish to capture audience’s attention through cute illustrations. There is always something about less realistic and more cartoonish drawings and images that can turn heads easily. Not only kids, but also grown ups find this kind of art appealing to the eyes.

Our diving banners range from those that are more photorealistic to ones that are more caricature-like or cartoonish in appearanc. But nevertheless, these marketing banner designs were impressively made. We made sure that we provide you with the best quality products by going through multiple reliable sources and picking out only those designs that make your money’s worth. Download any of our designs now and start teaching people to appreciate marine wildlife.

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