Most people are aware that many businesses use brochures to help advertise themselves. Many entities have found that brochures are a flexible means of explaining themselves and the nature of their businesses to outsiders. Brochures and other similar methods of advertising are able to show customers what the business entails, thanks to pamphlets being able to portray both images and text.

Just about any business can use pamphlets of all kinds, including banners, as one example, but particularly those businesses that have to give their customers visual representations of their services. Real estate brochures are a good example of this, as it is often necessary to directly showcase what is being offered to potential clients. In businesses like those, it is important to give clients a clear idea of what is being offered to avoid future problems. You also like Brochure Templates

Apartment Bi-Fold Brochure Design Template

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Size: A3, US


Elegant Apartment Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: A3, US


Commercial Real Estate Brochure

Commercial Real Estate Company Brochure

ICore Commercial Real Estate Brochure

Commercial Real Estate Brochure Layouts

Commercial Real Estate Sales Brochure

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Landscape Real Estate Brochure

Landscape Real Estate Brochure

Modern Landscape Real Estate Brochure

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Tri-fold Real Estate Brochure

Square Tri-fold Real Estate Brochure

Elegant Tri-fold Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Tri-fold Brochure

Real Estate Busines Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Business Brochure Flyer Design Vector

Apartment Real Estate Trifold Brochure

Corporate Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Tri-Fold Corporate Business Brochure

What are Real Estate Brochures?

Brochures themselves are paper documents containing information concerning specific topics. In this case, these brochures have to do with business, particularly real estate. Real estate has to do with property and whatever buildings are on it, which would make brochures a perfect tool for helping prospective clients decide if they want to buy a particular plot of land.

Most real estate brochures generally offer a look at a particular lot, and any buildings on it. The most common use of these brochures is usually to facilitate selling homes to prospective owners. To that end, it goes without saying that a brochure should offer pictures of the house, so that owners have a good idea of what it looks like. After all, buying property is a serious affair, and significant investment. Besides, one might intend to live there, and it would not do to make a decision without considerable thought on the matter.

This is not to say that one should simply rely on the brochures to determine what the property is really like. However, brochures are a useful tool to help determine if the property is worth buying.

Design Choices

As with other advertising tools, there are a number of choices you can make with regard to your real estate brochures. Consider that you are deciding how to present any given property or properties; you would have to design your brochures such that they can show those properties in a flattering manner so as to entice potential clients to buy them. To do that, you have to understand how to format your brochures so as to present your properties.

Some of your choices have to do with how the brochure’s pages are arranged. This can decide not only how many pages you have per brochure, but how much space you have on any given page. Some of your choices include:

  • Tri-Fold – This arrangement is a simple folding of a single sheet into thirds, just as the name would imply. Dividing your entire booklet into thirds gives you an orderly division of your whole brochure, which allows you to separate content according to each third. You can also elect to present a large image if the brochure should be opened fully, allowing you to see a larger whole.
  • Booklet – You may also elect to arrange several different sheets as a single large booklet. This provides you with different options as you have more pages to work with, and can therefore show more selections. This would allow you to show more selections, but still with limited detail.

Another thing to consider is the orientation of the brochure. This can affect your content as different orientations can determine how the content can be presented. Some of the available choices include:

  • Landscape – A landscape orientated brochure would would be an especially useful choice for portraying large areas, given that this orientation would give you a wider perspective to view. It would make sense if this orientation were to allow you to linger more on images, precisely because you would be able to provide a wide view of any given property.
  • Square – A square orientated brochure would have a more difficult time of showing images due to the lack of space, but that should simply force you to be more creative. Having to linger on each image would force you to find flattering images of the properties; besides, you could find it easier to add text to give your images context.

Real Estate Agency Brochure

Real Estate Agency Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Agency Brochure Catalog

A5 Real Estate Agency Brochure

Real Estate Company Brochure

Real Estate Company Bifold Brochure

Square Real Estate Company Brochure

Real Estate Company Trifold Brochure

Real Estate Sales Brochure

Real Estate Property Sales Brochure

Commercial Real Estate Sales Brochure

Real Estate Property Brochure

Real Estate and Property Sell Brochure

Do It Yourself Real Estate Brochures

Generally, brochures are an effective tool for advertising companies and products, even for related categories like gardens. This is thanks to being able to “show” clients what something looks like. Brochures can also serve as reference material for when customers want to see the products for themselves, as might be the case with travel agency and architecture brochures. In the case of real estate brochures, there need to be certain elements present in the brochures’ design that would allow customers to make informed decisions concerning properties for sale. More than being convincing, brochures have to be well-made so as to provide an honest picture of the properties, while also answering any questions customers may have. These elements include:

  • Images – It goes without saying that these brochures should come with images so that they can demonstrate exactly what the properties look like. Of course, those should be quality images, shot at flattering angles in order to make the properties look appealing. After all, if the images do not look enticing, then the brochure does not succeed as an advertisement.
  • Text – The brochure, like other examples of pamphlets, would need text to go with the images in order to explain the images. It should be noted that the images themselves cannot really provide a perfect image of what the property is like. After all, the image is not entirely to scale with the actual property, and some aspects of the image may need to be clarified, such as certain qualities of the property or buildings that may not be obvious to the eye.
  • Map – If the property is in a location like a subdivision it may be necessary to include a map. It might be wise to include a map anyway. The property’s value is not entirely dependent on the property itself; other factors such as proximity to other locations can affect the value. Customers may be interested in knowing particular details such as what might be near the property, so it pays to include that information before it is asked for.
  • Company Logo – If the property’s brokers are well-known, it may pay to have their name and logo attached to the brochure, as it would allow them to use brand-recognition to their advantage. If the brokers and construction company are a reliable one, it would help if they placed their name on the brochure, as clients could be more assured of quality work going into the construction of the buildings.

Modern Real Estate Brochure

Modern Trifold Real Estate Brochure

Modern Real Estate Hexo Brochure

Modern Real Estate Brochure

Square Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Minimal Square Brochure

Square Real Estate Bifold Brochure

A5 Real Estate Brochure

A5 Real Estate Brochure Catalog

A5 Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Business Brochure

Real Estate Business Trifold Brochure


Real Estate Business Bifold Brochure

Types of Real Estate Brochures

It should be noted that there are several kinds of types of quality brochure designs available in general, to that end, many of these brochure designs are noted as being quite creative, the better to attract attention. Of course, there are also several kinds of real estate brochures. This makes sense, as there are several kinds of property one can acquire, hence there are several kinds of brochures meant to advertise those properties. In brief, some of those types include:

  • Residential Real Estate Brochures – This is a simple type to understand, it consists of residences such as homes that can be bought and lived in by private individuals. If you were looking for a home to rent or own, this would be the brochure for you. This type of brochure should tell you about the house’s qualities, as well as inform you about any nearby locations that may affect your decision to live on that property. This allows you to think about whether that place really would be an ideal place to live.
  • Apartment Real Estate Brochures – Some people may not be able to afford a house, for one reason or another, and may be looking for an apartment instead. In that case, you may have fewer things to look out for, as you may have less control over the location. That said, you should still look out for as choice a location as you can find, as it would be more convenient in general.
  • Commercial Real Estate Brochures – Some people looking to buy property are not necessarily looking for places to live, they may well be looking for new places of business. In that case, they would be looking for some place conducive to working, and the brochure really should reflect that. The brochure should provide an idea of what the building is like and inform the buyers of whatever happens to be nearby that may have an affect on work. This can include nearby transportation conveniences, or traffic trouble spots.

Like other brochures, these should be able to advertise to potential customers, but in a way that informs them about everything they need to know. Buying property is not quite like buying anything else, and it pays to keep booth eyes open. On the sellers’ parts, it is only fair that their advertising include everything potential buyers should know so as to avoid problems.

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