For kitchens with bigger spaces, kitchen islands are suitable and best used to add work areas, more storage and a built-in dining space. Kitchen islands are normally used in the US and most parts of Europe because they usually have big kitchen spaces.

Beautiful Kitchen Island Design

beautiful kitchen island design

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White Modern Kitchen With Large Island

white modern kitchen with large island

Photo Credits: Yuko Matsumoto

Classic Kitchen Island Ideas

classic kitchen island ideas

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Who wouldnt want to have their meals exactly in the heart of the kitchen. For those who want their dining areas within their kitchen, having a kitchen island might help. Kitchen island designs also always vary from the entire kitchen design that you picked. Before, kitchen islands were already used but were usually basic. They were mostly only used as additional workspace, or a dining area and nothing more.

Two-Tier Kitchen Island

two tier kitchen island

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Ultra Modern Large Kitchen Island

ultra modern large kitchen island

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Traditional Kitchen Island Design

traditional kitchen island design

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Charming Kitchen With Spacious Island

charming kitchen with spacious island

Photo Credits: Norman Sizemore / Mary Beth Price

Contemporary Kitchen Island Design

contemporary kitchen island design

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Kitchen island designs have improved with time. All kitchen islands you can see now have functionalities way beyond what you can imagine. Some islands have many drawers where you can put all kitchen tools and other materials used for cooking. Some islands even have shelves where you can place your books. Some other islands have spaces on one side where you can stow your chairs when not used.

Eclectic Kitchen With Two Islands

eclectic kitchen with two islands

Photo By: Mary Powell Photography

Amazing Kitchen Island Ideas

amazing kitchen island ideas

Lauren Levant Interiors

Plain White Kitchen Island Ideas

plain white kitchen island ideas

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Light and Dark Kitchen Island Ideas

light and dark kitchen island ideas

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Amazing Kitchen Island Designs

amazing kitchen island designs

Ritten House

Lovely Kitchen Island Ideas

lovely kitchen island ideas

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Spacious Kitchen Island Ideas

spacious kitchen island ideas

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Double Island Kitchen Ideas

double island kitchen ideas

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Comfy Kitchen Island Designs

comfy kitchen island designs

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Gorgerous Kitchen Island Ideas

gorgerous kitchen island ideas

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Elegant Kitchen Island Ideas

elegant kitchen island ideas

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Transitional kitchen with brown & white island

transitional kitchen with brown white island

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Small Island Kitchen Ideas

small island kitchen ideas

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Dark and Light Kitchen Island Ideas

dark and light kichen island ideas

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Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

modern kitchen island ideas

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Farmhouse kitchen Island Ideas

farmhouse kitchen island ideas


Simple Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

simple contemporary kitchen island ideas

Valerie Pasquiou

There are many other different kinds of kitchen island designs. Some have book shelves and counter tops with warm colors to give an artistic feel and vibe. It also brings out the creativity in the room. While some other bigger kitchen make islands as an all-in-one package where all features are already attached like drawers, faucets, and even refrigerators. Above all, there are people who want to remain laid-back and choose kitchen island designs which make their kitchen look old-fashioned because they believe that it provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

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