Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had a fresh spaghetti garden in your backyard? It doesn’t require a huge garden space to grow your own herbs. The ideal setting could be anything from your kitchen to your window sill and even your living room! All it requires is a bit of sunshine pouring in from the window. So lift up your curtains and make your home greener. Here are some amazing indoor herb garden ideas that you got to watch.

Kitchen Herb Garden

kitchen herb garden


Your kitchen is the heart of the home and it could look and feel better if you have some green growing inside.  Herbs are a perfect choice and come with several advantages for indoor maintenance. Put your herbs in clean pots and place them along the corners and you are never too far away from adding a bit of heath to the brew.

Window Herb Garden

window herb garden

Design by : Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID

Windows are the perfect place to grow your herbs, especially if you get the morning sun shining half the day. The best thing about having herb pots in your kitchen is that you are never too far away from health. Further, they come in a variety of colors and shapes. Choose whatever looks good to your eyes.

Indoor Vertical Herb Garden

indoor vertical herb garden


This is the perfect example to liven up your balcony or living room. Put vertically, these herb pots will both receive an adequate amount of sunshine and also stir up a rather monotonous wall. Now, you will have the best skin care products and some healthy addition to your food at your doorsteps – fresh and green!

Indoor Vegetable Garden

indoor vegetable garden


Rarely do we get complete organic grade veggies in modern supermarkets. Everything comes processed and packed. Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could grow your own veggies? An indoor vegetable garden, as depicted in the example would be a great way to put your living room to good use. All it needs is a bit of sunshine and someone responsible to regularly bring water!

Hanging Herb Garden

hanging herb garden


If you are out of floor space for your flower pots, you can always put up some hanging hooks to have your herbs hanging from the windows. It doesn’t just make your window look greener and fresher but also gives you easy access to health.

Small Herb Garden

small herb garden


Now, this is an interesting way to grow your herbs. This hanging pot creates an interesting frame in your balcony or wherever you choose to put it. All you need is a bit of sunshine upon it every day. Herbs don’t require a lot of water, just pour half a glass once in a while.

Apartment Herb Garden

apartment herb garden


The best thing about herbs is that they grow too big and acquire interesting patterns, colors, and textures. This also makes herbs the perfect tool to bring in and maintain a bit of greenery and a lot of health inside your homes.

Indoor Wall Herb Garden

indoor wall herb garden


Another interesting way to ‘herb’ up your indoors is creating a hanging garden in your living room. Put up strategically to face the sunshine every morning, these herbs will be an interesting addition to the décor.

Indoor Container Garden

indoor container garden

Design by : Siol

If you have an open patio or a terrace with enough floor space for some big wooden baskets, it can be a perfect opportunity to have some interesting herbs growing up.

Wall Mounted Herb Garden

wall mounted herb garden

Design by : Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

This is again a great example of spicing up your balcony walls if you have a crunch of floor space to put up some herb pots.

Indoor Kitchen Flower Herb Garden

indoor kitchen flower herb


Windows Off Herb Garden

windows off herb garden 1


Herb Spiral Garden

herb spiral garden


Fountain Herb Gardens

fountain herb garden


Veggie Gardens

veggie garden


Kitchen Window Herb Garden Idea

kitchen window herb garden idea

Design by : Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID

Interior Dining Wall Herb Garden

interior dining wall herb garden

Design by : MARTIN architects

Shelves Herb Garden Idea

shelves herb garden idea


Hope these examples help you design your own indoor herb garden. If you something interesting to share, we would like to hear it.

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