Holidays are fun and are perfect to embrace creative talents. Nails art is the best option for women in the short-term to work on. At least two color choices and corresponding combinations are necessary to make a good nail design. During the holidays, change your nail colors every day and design new and interesting styles to show off your hidden skills.

To make a perfect utilization of free time, it is good to go creatively insane. Try out some of the inspiring creative nail art designs

Nail Artist Business Card Template


File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Draw the icons of different festivals on each nail and show your culture through different nail designs. Choose the icons that perfectly describe the essence of these festivals. Give a multicolor touch to the nails for a unique look.

Polka Dotted Nail Art Design

Polka Doted Holiday Nail Art (1)


Pink Glitter Nail Design

Pink Glitter Holiday Nails (1)


Make the super candy designs with white and red diagonal stripes. Get the cute and chic look like a kid. Create stripes equally to get a finishing look. This summer, try this trendy and cool look. This nail design suits well on long as well as short nails.

White and Gold Nail Art Idea

White Holiday Nails (1)


Get trendy and fashionable with the faux diamond tipped nail designs. These tipped nail designs contain diamond style shapes made with different base colors. To create a realistic diamond, one can use 3D tools for the amazing effect.

Silver and Black Round Nails

Silver Holiday Design (1)


Go stylish with designer snowflake nails in the winter by drawing instant snowflakes on green and shiny colors. It will give out a natural look to your nails. Show off your passion for nature and greenery.

Christmas Nail Art Design

Christmas Holiday Nail Art (1)


Make a single color base on the thumb and each finger. Draw a designer Christmas tree with a different color. Try the triangle shape tree if it is not easy to design naturally like an original tree. Do not forget to use the green combination to create this nail design.

Lighten your hands as well as your personality by using Christmas light nail designs. Paint your nails with yellow, red, and green color like the Christmas tree lightings. This unique design is good for the Christmas season.

Easy Nail Art Idea

Easy and Holiday Nail Art Design (1)


Red and Gold Tip Nail Art

Red and Gold Holiday Nail Art (1)


Get the multi-color holiday design with the crackles’ firework look. Draw a sky blue or dark blue base and design different color fireworks on the blue night scene. This design shows your happy mood to the world.

Awesome Round Nail Design

Aewsome Holiday Nail Art (1)


Winter Nail Art Designs

Winter Nail Art Designs (1)


Draw different flags on different nails or otherwise, design your nation’s flag to show your patriotism. Pick the color of your flag and keep the base plain. Spread some glitter to give it a funky look. This is an instant nail design if you are going to attend a national event.

Glitter Black Nail Art

Glitter Black Nail Design (1)


Green Flower Nail Art Design

Green Flower Nail Art Design (1)


Fruit Holiday Nail Art Design

Fruit Holiday Nail Art Design (1)


Designed Nail for Holiday

Designed Nail for Holiday (1)


Try out this design with a golden party dress. This simple design is not only easy to generate but also a delight to look at. Give a black base and make polka dots with golden color after a fixed interval or vice-versa.

Dazzling Nail Art Design

Dazzling Nail Art Design (1)


Creative Long Nails Art

Sharpe Nail Art for Holiday (1)


Get a realistic look with the 3D artistic work on your nails. Use nail art kit and tools to make your work more detailed and clean. Design natural scenes to grab peace and natural beauty.

Dark Pink Design for Round Nails

Dark Pink Nail Design for Holiday (1)


Spend your holidays in the most precious manner by infusing creativity in your regular nail art designs. Think freely and work carefully on your nails. Have the best holiday time!


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