The long maxi dresses are very popular with women from ancient time. The designer dresses in long maxi size are sought after as they are stylish and beautiful to look. These dresses suit well for everyone and are a perfect match for any occasion. The maxi dresses are designed from chiffon, Georgette, crepe, silk, cotton materials and the additional embellishments such as brooches etc. The long maxi dresses also come with beautiful embroidery, beaded work, stone work etc. which add up to the beauty of the dress. These long maxi dresses are perfect for all the occasion such as weddings, engagements, wedding anniversary parties, prom parties etc.

White Long Maxi Dress

Long maxi dresses are very popular among women irrespective of age. The white long dress is preferred one for weddings, engagements, prom parties etc. The white long maxi dress comes in different designs such as embroidered white gowns, long gowns with sequins work, beads work etc.

White Long Maxi Linen Dress

white long maxi linen dress

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Long sleeve maxi dresses are very popular with women of all ages. The long sleeves make the long gown into a conventional and traditional dress. The long sleeve maxi dresses are available in various colors and designs. The dresses are made from chiffon, crepe. cotton, silk etc.

Long Sleeve Pattern Maxi Dress

long sleeve pattern maxi dress


Long Sleeve Lace Maxi Dress

long sleeve lace maxi dress


Long Flowy Maxi Dress

Flowy dresses are very beautiful and romantic to look. The long flowy dresses are the most preferred ones for engagements, weddings, prom parties etc. Especially the long flowy chiffon dresses, crepe dresses etc. are beautiful to look and they are great for any occasion.

Long Flowy Summer Maxi Dress

long flowy summer maxi dress

Flowy Summer Maxi Boho Dress

flowy summer maxi boho dress

Summer Long Maxi Dress

Long maxi dresses are great for summer. Especially the cotton, linen maxi dresses are perfect ones for summer. The maxi dresses can be designed from floral print material, material with geometric patterns etc. The easy breezy maxi dresses make the summer a pleasant one.

Summer Beaded Long Maxi Dress

summer beaded long maxi dress


Summer Long Maxi Gray Dress

summer long maxi gray dress


Long Maxi Prom Dress

Prom is an important event in any young girl’s life. Long maxi dresses are one of the most sought after dresses for the prom parties as they make any girl look charming, long, slender and beautiful. Especially the long gowns made from chiffons, silks etc. are preferred for prom parties.

Long Maxi Formal Dress

Long formal dresses are perfect for parties, weddings, engagements or any other occasions. The long formal maxi dresses such as long gowns, tulle dresses etc. are the most preferred dresses for all the occasions. You may also See White Maxi Dress Designs

long maxi formal dress

Long Lace Maxi Dress

Long lace maxi dresses are perfect for prom parties, weddings, engagements etc. The rich and delicate look of the lace cloth make the long maxi dress a perfect one for any occasion. There is a wide range of colors and designs in long lace maxi dresses to choose from.

long lace maxi dress


Strapless Long Maxi Dress

Strapless long dresses are the most sought after dresses for the occasions. The strapless dresses are loved for their beautiful necklines such as sweet heart necklines. The embroidery and other embellishments look great with strapless long dresses. You may also See Dress Designs

strapless long maxi dress


Striped Long Maxi Dress

Striped long dresses are beautiful to look and are perfect for prom parties, dinner parties etc. These striped dresses are available in many colors with beautiful embroidery, stone and beaded works.

striped long maxi dress


The long maxi dresses look beautiful and elegant. The long dresses are sought after by women as they make them look sleek and slender. The long maxi dresses come in a variety of designs made from many materials. The long dresses are designed with cotton, chiffon, Georgette, crepe, silk etc. which look elegant as well as royal.

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