Vintage T-shirts are popular casual clothing that complements any outfit. You can wear them with skinnies, boyfriend jeans, khaki, shorts and even skirts. Even though popular with celebrities such as Harry Styles, Rita Ora, and Rihanna, anyone can wear these t-shirt designs and still look cool. They are very comfy, practical, can be a collectible item, suit all genders, age and make it fun for you to take part in funny slogans or express your favorite sayings.

Vintage Concert T-Shirts

Vintage concert t-shirts are perfect for attending a concert or for managers to give away and promote their show. Wearing this t-shirt will show everyone that you are a fan of a specific artist or music band.

Black Vintage Concert T-Shirt

black vintage concert t shirt


Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Are you fond of watching sports? If yes then vintage sports T-shirts are perfect for you. You can choose this design to show you love for football, basketball, rugby, tennis, swimming or soccer. You can even include the name and squad number of your favorite player. You may also see Camo T-Shirt Designs

Vintage Music T-Shirts

We all love different types of music and what better way to express your love for music than with a vintage music t-shirts. You can relive classic music like jazz through this t-shirts and make it fun to show your adoration for a particular music genre. You may also see Music T Shirt Designs

Vintage Baseball T-Shirt Designs

If baseball is your favorite sport, then wear a vintage baseball t-shirt to show love for this game. Wear this tee to your next game or pair with jeans when going to watch your kid’s game. Adding your child’s name will highlight your support.

Black and Grey Vintage Baseball T-Shirt

black and grey vintage baseball t shirt

Vintage Band T-Shirts

Be it rock or pop, vintage band t-shirts are all about showing support to your favorite band. You can wear this tee to their next live concert. Go for a slightly large size as a tight one will accentuate your body flaws. You may also see Disney T-Shirt Designs

Vintage Band Tee T-Shirt

vintage band tee t shirt


Vintage Hip Hop T-Shirts

Thanks to iconic musicians like 2pac, puff daddy, Jay-Z and Biggie, hip hop continues to enhance creativity.   Wearing a hip hop vintage t-shirt will show your appreciation for hip hop music. Young boys can wear this t-shirt with chunky metallic chains and sagging pants to showcase their hip-hop style.

Leather Vintage T-Shirts

Elegant and timeless, vintage leather t-shirts will make you look different. They come in different colors so you can choose a design that complements your skin tone and accentuate your best features. For an edgy look, match it with a leather jacket. You may also see Leather T-Shirt Designs

Vintage Striped T-Shirt Designs

Whether vertical or horizontal, vintage striped t-shirts are a must-have for anyone who loves timeless trends. They have a conservative appeal that will easily separate you from a crowd.  Vertical stripes make a person look taller and horizontal tend to create the illusion of more weight. You may also see Striped T-Shirt Designs

Vintage Nautical Striped T-Shirt

vintage nautical striped t shirt

Long Sleeve Vintage T-Shirts

For those days when the weather is a bit chilly, wear a long sleeve vintage t-shirt. This design will show your fashion style and keep your arms warm. They are ideal for people who prefer not to show off their arms. You may also see Long Sleeve T-Shirt Designs

Vintage Beach T-Shirts

Soft and comfortable, vintage beach t-shirt is exactly what you need to look stylish when going to the beach. They are made from lightweight fabrics which absorb sweat at a faster rate to ensure you remain cool and enjoy the serene beach environment.

Funny Vintage T-Shirts

What’s not to love about a vintage t-shirt with a cheeky image or word! These tee designs help express your funny side and are even suitable for comedians.

Cute Funny Vintage T-Shirt

cute funny vintage t shirt

Vintage Floral T-Shirt Designs

If you love floral patterns, then opt for vintage floral t-shirt designs. Suitable for women, these tees help draw attention towards your upper body. Pair with a solid bottom to avoid creating an overwhelming look.

Vintage Floral Pocket T-Shirt

vintage floral pocket t shirt

Vintage V-Neck T-Shirts

People who want a less formal t-shirt design should opt for those with V-necks. Unlike the standard collars, the V-neck is ideal for short people as they create an illusion of height and add visual interest.

Red Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt

red vintage v neck t shirt

Vintage Rhinestone T-Shirt Designs

Add a sparkly look to your whole look by wearing a vintage rhinestone t-shirt designs.  The rhinestones can be positioned on the collars or hemline of the sleeve to make the design more appealing.

Vintage Rhinestone T-Shirt for Women

vintage rhinestone t shirt for women

About Men and Women Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage t-shirts are comfortable and practical making them popular with all genders. While slightly loose t-shirts look amazing on women, a t-shirt looks better on a man when it fits his physique. Both male and females can wear V-neck designs which have a less formal look or a crew collar.

Vintage t-shirts come in endless designs so you can choose from those that feature classic bands, movies, your favorite slogan, cheeky image to advertising commercial products. Whether you prefer worn and faded authentic vintage tees or new reproduction t-shirts, with so many designs you will surely find a few designs that will interest you.

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