Just like every other year, this year is filled with the same ghost, goblins and zombies BUT, (we had to stress the importance, hence the caps) with a fun and interesting addition of politicians, Pokemon and superheroes. With the Halloween coming close to knock on our doorsteps, we have today collected a list of top 10 costumes that are the trending favourites this season. If you are in a dilemma on what to buy, these costumes will surely seal a scary deal.

10. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

harley quinn

One of the most popular picks, Harley Quinn costume is the best choice for adults as well as children. The pink and blue dipped pigtails with the baseball hat, we mean who can resist themselves from the squad’s charm.

9. The Joker


Now, that we have already mentioned Harley Quinn, we ought to mention The Joker. Despite their problematic relationship, it comes as no surprise many people would choose this as a coordinating pair.

8. Wonder Woman

wonder woman costume

Extending on the superhero trend, Wonder Woman costume is one of the other strong female character choices for the girls. The costume is followed by the very popular Harley Quinn and Rey. The costume is an ideal pick if you are looking for something simple and classic.

7. Batman


With a continued Halloween rivalry amongst all the superheroes, the one to win the match with his charm is Batman. It is currently one of the most popular costumes for boys and it precedes Darth Fader. Be quick and pick the Dark Knight’s costume before it runs out from the store.

6. Clowns


Scary and creepy, clowns are the evergreen costume choice for Halloween. Bring in your scary out with a perfect dark clown.

5. Pokemon

pokemon costumes

The recent craze of the game which took us to the streets has also taken over the Halloween costume pieces. With a multiple number of options available, the costume is the best pick if you are a hardcore Pokemon go fan.

4. Princess


Princess costume has always been the traditional and preferred choice for Halloween. From the recent Elsa to the classic Cinderella and Rapunzel, the princess costumes are the favoured choice of outfit for the girls this Halloween.

3. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

hillary clinton and donald trump

The election period has influenced the choice of costumes this party season. And, if figures are to be believed, Trump costumes are outselling Clinton costumes by 30% on HalloweenCostumes.com. The costume is right next to witch and pirate in popularity.

2. Star Wars

star war

Well, if you are Star Wars nut we need not tell you that there are a number of cool characters you can dress up as this Halloween. With a little planning and preparation, the costume can definitely leave a mark. We mean common, who doesn’t wish to be Yoda once in their lifetime.

1. GOT Characters

got characters

Game of Thrones characters including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark are other popular choices for a costume this Halloween. The winter is coming and what better way to celebrate the arrival than with a GOT Halloween costume.

Pick your favourite costume and put in the effort to look scary in a million. We are sure you would love that.

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