Just like a great pair of shoes or bag, a fabulous piece of jewelry can really turn around the look of the outfit. Whether it is quirky, innovative or just unfussy and classy, an apt piece of jewelry is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of chic glam and casual ease to your appearance. If you are looking for some inspirational designs that will complement your style preference for the special as well as unplanned evenings, we have today compiled a list of 10 unique designs to add to your jewelry collection.

6. Triple Magic Triangle Ring by Delfina Delettrez

triple magic triangle ring by delfina delettrez

Taking inspiration from the mystery of UFOs and other mysterious objects, Delettrez created a collection of jewellery pieces with the use of topaz, a stone that reflects strong colours and presence. This triple magic triangle ring features green, blue and yellow colour stones, making the statement piece easy to pair with multiple outfits.

5. Lacoli & McAllister Necklace

lacoli mcallister necklace

In eight uncoated brass square tubes, the jewellery by the brand is as unusual as every other creation by the label. The necklace can be doubled and tripled and the suede cord can be easily replaced through the site when needed.

4. Stud Earrings by Noor Fares

stud earrings by noor fares

The tetrahedron stud earrings are crafted in an 18k yellow gold set with blue sapphires and finished with black rhodium. Create your own colour combinations and complement the modish accessory as per the outfit of the day.

3. Lionette Nala Necklace

lionette nala necklace

One of the best statement necklaces, the necklace features different variations of clear Swarovski crystals. Suiting the nude mood, the Nala is referred to as the queen of the jungle, and this necklace will definitely make you feel like one. Without a single doubt, we can certainly say, the necklace is going to be a great conversation starter.

2. Satomi Kawakita Bracelet

satomi kawakita bracelet

The Kawakita bracelet comes in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. Settling on the pricier end, the bracelet can be one luxe addition to your collection.

1. Lauren Wolf Yellow Gold Ring

lauren wolf yellow gold ring

In an 8.21ct center rose cut diamond with .31ct white trillion side stones, the ring justifies the heavy price tag and the unconventional beauty and elegance.

Satiate your inner and outer fashionista with these lovely jewellery pieces that are going to positively turn some heads.

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