Prosthetic makeup is an art. It is not a simple process of putting colors and decorations of the face or the body. It is a complex process that required training, patience, and perseverance. This kind of makeup design is usually used for creating scary Halloween makeup. It is also used for filming movies, TV shows and documentaries. It takes hours to create one makeup design and it takes practice to perfect the strokes and styles of putting on the makeup.

Prosthetic Eye Makeup Idea

prosthetic eye makeup idea


This prosthetic eye makeup is simple yet delivers an effective result. It is a good post-fight trauma makeup design and would be ideal for scenes after a boxing match

Turning a face into a goblin is not easy. Goblins are not an ordinary creature that you see on the streets every day. It would require skills in doing fantasy makeup to be able to create a monster of this caliber. For this goblin makeup design, the nose became the focus of the prosthetic. The result, brilliant. You may also see Zebra Makeup Designs

Halloween Prosthetic Makeup

halloween prosthetic makeup


One of the most useful Halloween makeup components is the contact lens. For this monstrous creation, two different contacts are used. It is an effective approach in creating a creature that can really scare the hell out of anyone.

Prosthetic Hair Makeover

prosthetic hair makeover


Staple wire for prosthetic? Why not? Shave parts of the head, design long scars and paste some staple wires and you can easily turn a pretty face into a badass bitch. Use of chola makeup would somehow balance the bitchiness and the pretty face.

Pale skin, a splatter of dried blood, light gray eyes and red shadows around the eyes; these are the elements that transformed this face into an effective horror creature. This is an ideal makeup design for a horror film.

Lion Prosthetic Makeup

lion prosthetic makeup


This is an amazing job for a prosthetic makeup design. The lion face is so beautifully done that it becomes impossible to know if the person is male or female. The human is simply gone and the lion has taken over.

Making a young face look old is not an easy task. Creating lines and wrinkles that would look natural requires great makeup application skills. This old man face though is perfect. It has the right levels of wrinkles and the skin discoloration looks so natural.

Realistic Prosthetic Makeover

realistic prosthetic makeover


It could be easy to create an alien makeup design. After all, who has really seen an alien, right? What everyone has are different interpretations of how aliens look – if they really do exist. This image, though, somehow managed to convey a certain kind of realistic alien-ness through the use of prosthetic.

Prosthetic Nose Makeup

prosthetic nose makeup


This is a nice interpretation of the Grinch, female version. The makeup is flawless and the nose is amazingly done. The application of the prosthetic is so effective that it is just not possible to see where the real skin meets the fake skin.

Voldemort Prosthetic Makeup

voldemort prosthetic makeup


This version of Voldemort is good. The white makeup is so effectively applied that it is almost impossible to see the real nose, which makes this makeup design a sure fire success. You may also see Tribal Makeup Designs

Prosthetic Old Man Makeup

prosthetic old age makeup


Scar Prosthetic Makeup Idea

natural prosthetic makeup idea


Caveman Makeup Design Idea

caveman makeup design idea


Prosthetic Sea Creature Makeover Idea

creative prosthetic makeover idea


Scary Prosthetic Makeup Idea

scary prosthetic makeup idea


Simple Prosthetic Makeover

simple prosthetic makeover


Horror Halloween Prosthetic Makeup Idea

horror halloween makeup idea


In creating prosthetic makeup designs, it is important to know what materials to use, as well as the styles of application. Additionally, the makeup artist must also gain enough knowledge on the latest trends in different makeup designs like horror or zombie makeup designs. In most cases, the focus of prosthetic is the face, and this means it is vital to study and analyze the facial features of the model in order for the prosthetic to be effectively applied. Colors and accents are important elements that also help in producing effective prosthetic makeup designs.

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