The graphic designers are in demand because of the excellent work they do to turn a gloomy thing into an attractive object. A graphic designer experiments with his work and uses various textures for his designs. Textures are used as backgrounds or for creating various photo effects. Photoshop allows you to try your hands on making various textures. Sometime you might have to work from scratch in Photoshop to create your own texture or might use texture from photo. Browse through the website of Photoshop film texture designs and click on the “Internet Link Anchor Text” on the internet.

In this article, we will help you with a list of film texture that will make your work much easier. We hope you like all of them and use it your further projects.

High Resolution Film Texture

high resolution film texture

The texture was created digitally using the multiple images. You can use this texture as layer masks to give distress look to your design or you can use it as overlays. The texture is easily editable.

Vintage Film Texture Design

vintage film texture design

When you use this texture in your design it will give the real vintage film texture look. The design has a grunge background with a provision of copy space.

Vector Film Textures

vector film textures

This texture has been created from the old film negatives, polaroids, and vintage photographic papers. It works wonderfully when used as distressed frames for photographs or as layer masks. It is scalable and editable to suit the need of your project.

Old Grungy Film Texture

old grungy film texture

This particular texture comprises of grunge border with grain textured in medium format filmstrip. You can use it as background in your project.

Blank Grained Film Strip Texture

blank grained film strip texture

It is a black grained film strip texture. It is available in high resolution and in several-sizes to meet the requirement of your project. Choose the size according to your need.

Film Scratch Texture

film scratch texture

You can use this texture as background in your project. Overlay the blend mode set to lighten and use the texture. It is editable and instead of black scratches you can have white scratches by inverting the texture and overlay with blend mode set to “multiply”.

Color Film Texture Design

color film texture design

This texture is so beautiful that it will make a gloomy work attractive if this texture is used as background. Do give a try to this texture in your next design. Resolution of the image is 1800*1215. You can download it to make it usable in your project.

Film Grain Photoshop Texture

film grain photoshop texture

The texture is beautiful and adds a glam to your project when used properly. While using the texture make sure that you are using it in the proper place to get the result. The image is of 1500*1000 resolutions and size is 423 kb.

Film Grain Stripe Texture

film grain stripe texture

Old Paper Texture with Film Stripe

old paper texture with film stripe

Brown Film Stripe Texture

brown film stripe texture

Film Texture Grain Explosion

film texture grain explosion

Blue Colored  Film Strip Texture

great film strip texture

Old Film Photoshop Texture

old film photoshop texture

Abstract Film Texture Design

abstract film texture design

Winter Dawn Film Texture

winter dawn film texture

Ancient Film Strip Texture

ancient film strip texture

Orange Photoshop Film Texture

orange photoshop film texture

Green Film Strip Texture Design

green film strip texture design

The above-mentioned lists of photoshop film texture designs will help you to excel in your career as a graphic designer if you are new to this field. Some designs are absolutely free to download while for some you have to pay a nominal amount. Click on the “Internal Link Anchor Text” as you browse through the website of Photoshop film texture designs and use the textures as background and can also use them for creating various photo effects.

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