Gold on nails looks quite regal and is a popular choice for fashionistas and celebrities alike. Gold glitter looks pretty attractive on the nails and can go well with almost all colours of outfits. Probably this is the reason why so many women prefer this royal colour. Gold glitter nails work best with long plain outfits in black, red or even white.

Rhinestone Gold Glitter Nail Design

rhinestone gold glitter nail design


Glittery nails are a sure fire way to turn heads in a party. Gold glitter looks extra pretty as the colour gold adds a touch of royalty as well as adds bling to your clothing. A gold glitter nail polish can be used to mix and match with other nail art designs. One can go for a gold glittery nail in one or two fingers and pair it up with almost any colour.

Gold Glitter Nail Polish for Short Nails

gold glitter nail polish for short nails


Gold Glitter Nail Ideas

glod glitter nail ideas


Pink, black, red, peach, mint and other pastels look best with the golden polish. When donning gold glittery polish, one must keep in mind certain style mantras. Like for instance, one must completely avoid prints and should go for plain outfits since the nails already add the much needed bling to your overall appearance.

Acrylic Red and Gold Glitter Nail Art

acrylic red and gold glitter nail art


Gold Glitter Nail Design

gold glitter nail design


Gold Glitter Leopard Nail Art

gold glitter leopard nail art


Fantastic Red and Gold Glitter Nail Design

fantastic gold glitter nail design


Easy Gold Nail Design

easy gold nail design


Gold Floral Nail Art

gold floral nail art


Gold and Black Flower Nail Design

gold and black flower nail design


Gold Sparkle Nail Art

gold sparkle nail art


Gorgeous Gold Glitter Nail Design

gorgeous gold glitter nail design


Some of the best gold glitter nail polishes available are The Man with a Golden gun from sky falls collection which actually consist of real gold flakes, Nicole by OPI glitter In My Stocking, Sephora by OPI Worth My weight, China glaze blonde bombshell, Essie As Gold As It Gets and so on.

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