This stunning collection of granite texture Photoshop is sure to enrich your graphic designing toolkit. The rock patterns and textures imbued in these high-resolution backgrounds are very much realistic. Each of the textures and patterns is made by taking into account the appearance of real quartzite marbles. When you project these textures into your smart screen they will resemble the features of their natural counterpart and add a subtle gloss on the piece of work placed on it. Each design pattern has been designed and crafted with utmost care so that the time and efforts you invest in downloading them is worth it.

Each design pattern has been designed and crafted with utmost care so that the time and efforts you invest in downloading them is worth it.

Rock Granite Texture

rock granite texture

This elegant black rock granite texture Photoshop can be used as a background for web-pages, game designs, animations or web based applications. It can also be used as a background to your laptop or computer screen.

Flat Granite Stone Texture

flat set of granite stone texture

The designs come in virtually all the colour shades found in the spectrum. If you’re fascinated with bright colours, then brightly coloured granite textures like hues of yellow or red designs can be an ideal choice for your projects. On the other hand, if you like it cooler, there’s a whole range of impressive duller shades of granite design to select from.

Abstract Seamless Granite Background

abstract seamless design granite texture

This background is so stunning that you can use it anywhere without much need to edit or scale. It has an abstract black and white design lines with realistic surface grains which make the background appear natural.

Rough Surface Granite Texture

rough surface granite texture

This black granite texture is ideal for both commercial and private use, graphic designers can add this coarse black background in any of their work to highlight any light shaded design.

Dark Gray Granite Texture

flat dark gray granite texture

This background texture would invariably remind you of the slates that you wrote on in childhood. This solid black granite texture Photoshop with little white etches make it all the more beautiful.

Color Granite Texture

collection of different color granite textures

This glossy background texture with a sheen has a resemblance with igneous rocks. It has a coarse pink texture tinged with various other shades and a high resolution of 3000×2000 px.

Pink Granite Background

amazing pink color granite texture

This biotite granite texture has tints of various shades- black, off-white, yellow and orange. You can add this high definition image as a background to any graphic design, website or web-based applications.

Black Granite Texture

set of different shapes graphite textures

This black granite texture is unique because it has a circular structure of the similar pattern within it. It has a resolution of 2676 x 2000, can be easily scaled and edited as per your needs.

Natural Granite Texture

natural granite textures

This granite texture Photoshop would remind you of the marble slabs laid on building floors. It has a natural pattern and can serve various purposes in computer-based designs.

Grey Granite Background

grey color granite texture

This black granite texture has a super high resolution which makes it ideal for use in all web-based designs or applications. This pattern can be repeated quite easily vertically and horizontally for endless times.

Polished Granite Texture

grey polished granite texture

This easily editable black granite texture has a mixture of black and gray. It has a subtle and smoothness which is suitable for manifesting an intricately designed light colored pattern.

Red Granite Texture

collection of different shapes granite textures

This granite texture Photoshop is available in JPEG format with a resolution of 2500x 3310 which makes it easy to edit. It has a beautiful red and black texture with a 2D square on it.

Pink and Blue Granite Texture

combination of pink and blue granite texture

Creative artists are always in look for new Photoshop patterns and textures. This biotite granite texture allows them to create an individualistic design with having to begin everything from scratch. This collection of natural granite textures is of high definition,easily editable and can be used for designing websites, game pages or animations. So what are you waiting for? Download them all and add a stylish revolution in your artistic creations.

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