Landscaping refers to an activity that alters the visible features of an area of land, including flora or fauna. Landscaping greatly differs according to the geography. Therefore, normally local landscaping experts are best if it is done for the first time. Understanding of the geology of the site is one of the main requirements for successful landscaping.

Beautiful Gravel Landscaping with pool

beautiful gravel landscape with pool

Rolling Stone Landscapes

Pools are the areas which bring out the playful mood. It’s a clever choice to team up the pool area along with gravel surroundings and pathways. Because the water spillage from the pool can ruin a muddy surrounding.

Modern Landscape Design Idea

modern landscape design idea

Exterior Worlds Landscape & Design

Modern landscaping is elegantly geometric. Crisp lines and wide open spaces combine with crafted detailing to give birth to contemporary outdoor spaces. The trick is combining all the elements together in a way that is unique and attention-seeking.

Traditional Landscape With Garden

traditional landscape with garden

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Present day versions of traditional landscapes often include kitchen garden. General materials used in traditional landscaping are stone, wood, brick and pavers. The overall goal of a traditional garden design is to get an elegant and well-defined outdoor space.

Awesome Landscape Design With Sitting Area

awesome landscape design with sitting area

A seating area in the yard or landscape can be an amazing spot to unwind after a long day or to entertain guests on the weekend. A number of materials can be used. Gravel is a fine choice as it provides a durable surface also adds color and texture to the landscape.

Simple Gravel Landscape Idea

modern gravel landscape idea

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Gravel has always been a friendly landscaping element as it requires low maintenance. The use of gravel also cuts down the amount of water consumption in your garden. It is tough enough to cover paths and driveways.

Amazing Landscape With Fireplace

amazing landscape with fireplace

Alderwood Landscaping

Installed for their functionalism as well as their beauty, fireplaces often become the center of attraction, giving you a sense of warmth and security in the open space. Make sure, the material your fireplace is made up of is able to resist the natural elements.

Unique Landscape with Dinning Area

modern landscape with dinning area

Photo by Dickson Realty

What’s more exciting than enjoying your meal outdoors with your family on a sunny day? Put up a dining table in your garden and spruce it up. The dining area can be surrounded with edges to give it a room like feeling.

Trendy Landscape With Gravel Footpath

trendy landscape with gravel footpath

Photo by Eric Perry

Rock has to be an important element in the landscape. Gravel gives even more room for experimenting. A gravel path is clean and simple, natural, attractive and pocket friendly. Gravel pathway can be a part of both formal and informal garden.

Modern Home With Stunning Landscape Idea

modern home with stunning landscape idea

Barron Custom Design, LLC

The crucial focus in modern home landscape is on hardscape and structures more than on plants. Metal, wood and concreate are the popular materials used here.

Vintage Style Landscape With Rustic Fire Pit

vintage style landscape with rustic fire pit

Visionscapes NW Landscape Design

Having a fire pit in your landscape seems to be an adventure. A fire-pit can be built-in, or you can opt for a portable one that can be moved about as desired. To get a more rustic feel, huge boulders can be gathered around to make a fire pit.

Gorgeous Garden with Seating Place

gorgeous garden with seating place

Beach Style Estate Landscape

beach style estate landscape

Farmhouse Garden Idea

farmhouse garden idea

Lankford Associates Inc

Contemporary Landscape with Floor Lights

contemporary landscape with floor lights

Lovely Transitional Garden with Gravel Floor

lovely transitional garden with gravel floor

Grace Design Associates

Outdoor Dining Area with Greenery

outdoor dining area with greenary

Garden Architecture

Spacious Crushed Stone Landscape

spacious crushed stone landspcae

Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture

Elegant Landscape with Teak Furniture

elegant landscape with teak furniture

Shapiro Didway

Gray Furniture Idea for Landscape

gray furniture idea for landscape

Lou Penning Landscapes, Inc

Retro Style Landscape Idea

retro style landscape idea

Oak & Holly Garden Design

Marvelous Landscape with Swimming Pool

marvellous landscape with swimming pool

Apex Landscapes & Pools

How To Create a Gravel Landscape?

  • List out the essentials you want in your landscape
  • Make use of the natural terrain and materials around in your landscape
  • Start with creating pathways. You can simply carve it out or install gravel tiles.
  • Craft out any essential area such as seating, fire place, pool, fountain etc.
  • Introduce the shrubs, sculptures and topiary at the empty corners and spaces
  • Add detail with the help of edges or flower beds.
  • Make sure the landscape is self-sufficient to withstand the regular wear and tear.
  • Take care of the wet areas, they shouldn’t be slippery creating any accidents.

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