In this tech-savvy era, every display is being upgraded to high-resolution realistic textures. Be it cinema, games, apps or GPS and 3D software, everything is supported with a high-resolution display. The most trending options are 3D textures. There is a wide range of options available to choose from and the each one is more compelling than the other. Here are a few high-resolution 3D textures shared for you

3D Flat Textures

3d flat textures

For a simplistic display texture, these designs are the best to choose as they offer a flat base with 3D tiles or blocks like effect. These blocks come in different sizes and you can choose one out of 10 options available for the users. The monochrome shade of the display gives it a classy look.

Wooden 3D Wall Texture

wooden 3d wall texture

This design has a huge number of variables available for the users and the users can modify according to their wish. The wooden texture fits right for gaming purposes or any 3D mapping app. You can change anything and everything about this design, starting from the size to the color, finish, and even the gloss.

3D Tile Textures

3d tile textures

This is the most vibrant 3D texture option you’ll get to see anywhere. If you are a creative person and want to personalize your textures, then this design will fit right for you. The design has numerous square tiles and each tile is editable on its own. You can change the color, texture, and effects. At the end, it will be like using your own creation.

3D Crystal Background Texture

3d crystal background texture

This design is sure to amaze the beholder. The crystal texture has a look of its own that is abstract and so elegant. You can literally have a crystal clear background that will capture the attention of anyone looking at it. They come in variable sizes and you can adjust them according to your required screen resolution.

3D Soccer Ball Texture

3d soccer ball texture

It might not be exactly as the name suggests but nonetheless, the textures are rustic and sporty. It is best for any sports lover, especially a soccer fan! They come in a variety of options in the texture finish and sizes.

3D Tile Floor Texture

3d tile floor texture

3D modeling is made so realistic these days, all because of designs as such. These designs will compliment any floor design as they give a look of sculptural textures. These designs can be used in real-time augmented games as well. The stone floor design comes with as many as six variables.

3D Isometric Cubes Texture

3d isometric cubes texture

These textures have found their user in many computers and high-end mobile games. As they come in variable resolution, you can set them to be used in mobile phones as well. These isometric cubes come with variable colors and finish.

3D Abstract Seamless Texture

3d abstract seamless texture

These designs are abstract with both the color combination and the design pattern. They have their own uniqueness and they show a sort of elegance in your display. The backdrop is sure to compliment anything that is being displayed upon it.

3D Render Snow Texture

3d snow texture

This is like a Santa’s gift for the Christmas lovers. The design has its own typography that resembles realistic snow textures. You must try out these cool (and quite chilled) fonts. They even come with different camera angle designs of the text justifying the 3D quite well.

3D Render Abstract Texture

3d render abstract texture

This abstract design is composed of various tiny cubes with different textures. The wooden texture of this design is favored by many people as they reflect a classy style. They come with variable sizes that can be adjusted according to your need.

3D Metal Backgrounds and Textures

3d metal backgrounds and textures

3D Stone Textures

3d stone textures

3D Grass Texture

3d grass texture

Ceramic Tile 3D Texture

ceramic tile 3d texture

Golden 3D Fabric Texture

golden 3d fabric texture

3D Modular Frame Texture

3d modular frame texture

3D Cubic Metal Texture

3d cubic metal texture

3D Square Mosaic Texture

3d square mosaic texture

You can choose from any of these designs as they are handpicked out of the best of 3D textures available. Get your hands on these designs and refurbish your display into a whole new world!

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