A man wearing a suit with a fitted silhouette looks complete with a tie. There are endless colors and styles so you can choose from long thin structures to bow shape. Tie designs for men work to add color to conservative work attire. While a tie is a must have for black tie formal events, this neckwear trend has recently become a staple wardrobe for men who need to look sharp and elegant in their casual outfits.

Designer Bow Ties for Men

Bow tie designs for men are a customary fashion staple in work environment, casual everyday wear and cocktail parties. You can choose different types of bow tie such as self-tie, pre-tied and clip-on bow ties. For showing your funky style, go for bow ties in butterfly, batwing, diamond point and club round shapes.

Men’s Polka Dot  Bow Tie Design

mens polka dot bow tie design

Purple Velvet Bow Tie Design for Men

purple velvet bow tie design for men

Men’s Silk Bow Tie Design

mens white silk bow tie design

Designer Silk Ties for Men

Men working in different business sectors are wearing silk tie designs to give their clothes a sense of style. While there are diverse patterns available on silk ties, they feature small repeating themes which can be a great conversation starter. Wear these tie designs on beach weddings, daily work setting or with casual outfits.

Printed Silk Tie for Men

printed silk tie for men

Gray Color Silk Tie for Men

gray color silk tie for men

Designer Black Silk Tie for Men

designer black silk tie for men

Polka Dot Tie Designs for Men

Polka dot tie designs for men complement solid, narrow stripped and small checkered shirts. When it comes to a professional setting go for gray, blue or burgundy polka dot tie designs. Vibrant colors such as yellow or lilac polka dot ties go well with cocktails receptions. Pin dot ties complement windowpane, solid or wider striped shirts.

Black and White Polka Dot Tie Design

black and whitepolka dot tie design

Men’s Blue and White Polka Dot Tie Design

mens blue and white polka dot tie design

Men’s Skinny Tie Designs

Skinny tie designs for men depict a fashion forward style that will make even a suit look edgy and classy. They work well with two button jackets and slim suits. They portray a more casual look hence can be paired with oxford shirts. Pair a bright colored skinny tie with black dress shirts.

Paisley Skinny Tie for Men

paisley skinny tie for men

Striped Skinny Tie Design

striped skinny tie design

Men’s knit tie designs

Whether soft or with a rough texture, men’s knit tie designs can complement a casual denim jacket or a formal black suit. They feature a width of between 2 to 3 inches, flat and square bottom which gives this type of tie designs a less formal image. You can wear a knit tie in any season.

Cool Knitted Tie Design for Men

cool knitted tie design for men

White Textured Knit Tie for men

white textured knit tie for men

Men’s Knitted Neck Tie Design

mens knitted neck tie design

Men’s Clip on Tie Designs

Clip-on tie designs for men are easily attached to a shirt collar; they are comfortable and eliminate choking accidents. They are ideal for men who can’t use their arms in situations such as stroke. Wear them to prom, weddings and you can further go for the clip on bow tie to show sophistication.

Men’s Navy Blue Clip on Tie Design

mens navy blue clip on tie design

Vintage Clip on Tie Design for Men

vintage clip on tie design for men


Men’s Floral Tie Designs

Floral Neckties are bold designs which require a delicate combination to make a man’s outfit look elegant. Wear darker floral patterns with button up plain shirts and pair bright ties with solid gray or charcoal shirts. While this tie designs will look awesome in summer and spring, opt for purple, dark brown floral ties during winter and fall.

Floral Print Necktie Design for Men

floral print necktie design for men

Men’s Plaid Tie Designs

Plaid tie designs are a versatile print that originated from the tartan style of clothing. Pair light plaid ties with dark colored shirts. For a professional style such as an interview when you feel like adding color then match up blue shirts with a red plaid tie or pale pink with navy.

Red Plaid Tie Design for Men

red plaid tie design for men

Tartan Plaid Tie Design for Men

tartan plaid tie design for men

Men’s funny tie designs

While funny tie designs for men are eye-catching and come in attractive patterns, it’s best to wear them on a casual Friday. You can also wear funny ties to the office party, holidays and sports events. They show a cheery mood so wear this tie design to show your fun personality.

Funny Necktie Design for Men

funny necktie design for men


Colorful Funny Cotton Tie for Men

colorful funny cotton tie for men

Camo Tie Designs for Men

Camo print tie designs can be a great addition to your wear as it depicts awareness to style. Match camo tie designs with jackets or the color of your shoes. Darker camo ties look elegant with pink, white and blue shirts. Another look is to wear camo bow tie with a khaki jacket, camo shorts and sneakers.

Camo Military Tie Design for Men

camo military tie design for men

Men’s Neon Camo Tie Design

mens neon camo tie design


Zipper tie designs for men

Zipper tie designs are a convenient alternative for guys who rarely wear suits, formal outfits or don’t know how to fasten a tie knot. Both young and mature men can wear this tie design to a funeral, church, prom and even with school uniform. For formal events look for silk material while for work go with polyester.

Red Zipper Bow Tie for Men

red zipper bow tie for men

Comfortable Zipper Tie Design for Men

comfortable zipper tie design for men

Coral Tie Designs for Men

Coral is a bright color that comes in orange, pink and peach shades hence a tie in this color best suits summer and spring events. Vibrant teal, yellow, gray and black shirt colors will match with coral tie designs for men. When attending a romantic date a coral tie will complement pink or raspberry jackets.

Men’s Blue Coral Bow Tie Design

mens blue coral bow tie design

Woven Silk Coral Tie for Men

woven silk coral tie for men

Wedding Tie Designs for Men

When it comes to weddings, your choice of the tie should draw attention towards your facial features as well as express style. While it’s a joyful occasion, avoid funny neckwear and stick to subtle pattern and colors. Solid colors such as black, blue or earth tones will complement well-tailored suits.

Peacock Feather Wedding Tie for Men

peacock feather wedding tie for men

Formal Wedding Tie for Men

formal wedding tie for men

Pink and White Wedding Tie for Men

pink and white wedding tie for men


Casual Ties for Men

Ties don’t have to portray a formal image; they can still stand out in casual settings even when you are not wearing a suit! You can tell a casual tie designs for men by its smaller loosened knot and opened shirt collar. Avoid busy patterns and stick to novelty, plaid and knitted ties with rough textures.

Brown Silk Casual Tie for Men

brown silk casual tie for men

Casual Printed Tie Design for Men

casual printed tie design for men

Formal Ties for Men

Black tie events are the most common formal events where men tend to wear slim black or bow tie designs. The strict formal wear means that men have to wear double breasted and three piece suits. So if you are dressed in a blue, black or gray tuxedo then pair with black bow tie.

Gray Formal Tie Design for Men

gray formal tie design for men

Men’s Black Formal Tie Design

mens black formal tie design

Striped Tie Designs for Men

While striped ties are often part of a school uniform, there are in different variations of stripe width, style and color which ensure that they remain trendy. A monochromatic striped tie or those in two color tones create a conservative image that best suits a formal setting.

Simple Striped Tie Design for Men

simple striped tie design for men

Orange Striped Tie Design for Men

orange striped tie design for men

Men’s Black Tie Designs

The classic black tie designs for men are standard for black tie events or any formal occasion where a man wears a white shirt. Skinny black ties exude an informal image hence look best when the top shirt button is left unfastened. You can pair a solid black tie with a sportcoat or denim trousers.

Men’s Black Bow Tie Design

mens black bow tie design

Satin Silk Black Tie for Men

satin silk black tie for men

Christmas Ties for Men

Whether you are attending a Christmas party in the office or spending this festive season with your family, Christmas tie designs for men add color to a subtle outfit. Red, green, reindeer, snowman and snowflakes designs are the themes popular with Christmas tie designs for men.

Unique Christmas Tie Design for Men

unique christmas tie design for men

Vintage Men’s Tie Designs

Men are becoming fond of old fashion style, and one way of embracing these years is to wear vintage tie designs. They represent unique style, elegance and fashion preference. While vintage ties perfectly complement modern outfits when it comes to mixing, vintage pieces go for a timeless tie design.

Cool Vintage Tie Design for Men

cool vintage tie design for men


Men’s Paisley Tie Designs

Paisley tie designs are on trend and preferred by men who are more aware of their style. This tie design gets its inspiration from 1960s fashion style. For men who want to try something out of their comfort zone go for parsley ties in charcoal, brown, navy and hunter green colors.

Men’s Paisley Bow Tie Design

mens paisley bow tie design

Trends Tie Design and Popularity Among Men

Tie designs are popular with men who love wearing tuxedo or formal suits. When you need to wear a tie then go for a length whose tip touches the waistband or ends in the middle of your belt buckle. Wear novelty ties to holidays such as Christmas. Always wear a tie that complements the color of your shirt. When in doubt stick to white shirts or pair black thin ties with dark navy, black or blue suits.

Whether you prefer a bow or striped tie designs, a necktie is the focal point of a man’s outfit hence should compliment your whole look and occasion. A formal black tie event will require you to wear a tie that matches with your suit so stick to neutral tie colors and opt for bold colors in casual settings.

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