Socks are the most available piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Even though frequently covered by shoes, socks play a significant role of keeping our feet warm especially during cold seasons. They also function to absorb sweat ensuring the feet stay comfortable and smell nice. Men with active lifestyle need to wear socks which act as a cushion between the feet and shoes hence prevent abrasion. Read on to know the different types of men’s designer socks. You may also See Designer Shoes For Men

Men’s Designer Striped Socks

men’s designer striped socks

Whether in bright color or neutral, men’s designer striped socks add fun and can easily depict a unique fashion style. If you are worried about these socks clashing with your black shoes, then match them with the color of a pocket handkerchief or tie. Subtle stripes best suit bright colored shoes.

Men’s Designer Slipper Socks

men’s designer slipper socks

Men’s designer slipper socks come in a size that fit all feet sizes, don’t require any special cleaning instructions so you can even toss them with other clothes when doing your laundry and have a no-slip grip which prevents you from slipping. They are warmer compared to standard socks hence are perfect for winter.

Men’s Ankle Socks Designs

men’s ankle socks designs

If you don’t know which socks to wear with your loafers, sneakers, trainers, and lace up oxfords then go for men’s ankle socks designs. Ankle socks in black color will complement any outfit color and even when wearing a tuxedo or suit during special occasions. They create the illusion of no socks so avoid exposing them.

Men’s Wool Socks

men’s wool socks

Men’s wool socks are meant to be worn during cold days because they feature a material that will insulate heat inside the shoes hence keep your feet warm. Wool socks are also breathable, and they absorb moisture when your feet sweat. Wear them with military boots.

Sports Socks For Men

sports socks for men

From white gym socks to thin running socks, sports socks for men have a special construction that will help you perform your game effectively. They have embedded arch that ensures proper blood circulation even when the feet are under pressure; they also incorporate sole cushion which acts as a shock absorber.

Men’s Loafer Socks Designs

men’s loafer socks designs

Men’s loafer socks designs are popularly known as no show socks are usually smaller than ankle socks and usually, hide inside the shoes. They are made using lightweight and breathable material making these socks ideal for summer. Whether striped or polka dots, these socks are meant to be discreet.

Designer Colorful Men’s Socks

designer colorful men’s socks

The best way to add color to your shoes is to pair with colorful designer socks. Guys with a daring attitude or risk takers can pair bright colored socks with vibrant casual shoes. Men who prefer subtle socks yet want a bit of color should opt for those which incorporate two contrasting colors.

Men’s Cotton Socks

men’s cotton socks

While you can get socks in different materials such as polyester, wool, and nylon; cotton is a good material for absorbing sweat from feet. While they are not recommended for playing sports, men’s cotton socks will look stunning with sneakers and casual leather shoes. You may also See Formal Shoe Design For Men

Trends and Men’s Socks Uniqueness

Socks are a staple in men’s wardrobe. Those in neutral colors match any outfit. Even though men tend to wear colorful or bold socks during summer, most of them are wearing these designs with confidence with a suit. Men who prefer not to wear socks can ensure their shoes remain durable by opting to wear sheer or invisible socks with loafers and boat shoes. When you wear socks, you keep your feet warm and safe from infections.

Sometimes it is easy to ignore socks when dressing up and we often pick the ones that look comfortable. However, with many benefits of socks such as enabling you to make a bold statement and their versatile nature, it is crucial for men to have different types and lengths of socks to complement various shoes.

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