High heels are sexy. Fashionable women love wearing such classy footwear. There are traditional high heel designs and there are innovative – or somewhat unique and clever – designs, as well.

Elegant High-Heel Design

elegant high heel design


Wedding High-Heel Design

wedding high heel design


Chewing gum heels is one of the most unique designs out there. These footwear have pink heels design like chewing gums that you have stepped on – a design that is really cleverly though of.

Colourful High-Heel Design

colourful high heel design


Fashionable High-Heel Design

Awesome High-Heel Design

awesome high heel design


Street wear High-Heel Design

street wear high heel design


Artistic High-Heel Design

artistic high heel design


Other unique high heel designs are ones that are funny and artistic, yet elegant-looking at the same time. These high-heeled footwear have designs that mimic everyday objects, birds and other animals – they are handmade from high quality materials.

For a more dramatic and eye-catching footwear, you may want to opt for something boldly designed like a pair of feathered high heels. Walk around wearing this pair and all eyes are surely going to be blued on the exotic and enchanting feather tassels that are proudly swinging in the front part of the shoe.

Probably some of the most popular high heel designs are those that are considered as red-carpet heels. These are the designs made for the rich and famous. One of the most famous designs in this category is the Cinderella heels and it is intricately adorned with beads, butterflies and crystals – definitely one shoe that will make you swoon with desire to wear

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