Shoe Designs and Trends

A shoe is intended to bring comfort and protection for the human foot while doing various activities. They are also used as in item of fashion and decoration. The design of shoes vary as they go through time and a series of different cultures. Fashion is often leading the design of shoes with many design elements such as flats or high heels. Shoes can be made of expensive materials in complex construction or basic sandals that only consist of a simple strap and a thin sole. Shoes were traditionally made from wood, leather, or canvas and are increasingly made from plastics, rubber among other petrochemical-derived materials. Read More

What Shoe Designs Should I Consider

With a wide variety of various types of shoe designs, most are designed to match specific activities. Athletic shoes are designed for sports such as walking, running, amongst other sports. While boots are designed for heavy outdoor use and work. Formal shoe designs are worn during special occasions while others are made for casual days. Other activities such as bowling or dancing require low coefficient friction.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars were specifically developed for basketball as the double-layer canvas shoes had a high heel with toe caps and rubber soles. As more brands began to follow, Nike introduced their own Air Jordan. Boots are used to cover the foot and the ankle and even extend up to the leg and as far as the hip. They are usually one piece and made or leather or rubber – depending on the functionality.

What Are the Shoe Designs for Women?

For women, the designs are endless as there is a large variety of shows available and more accepted. High-heeled shoes typically raise the heels 2 inches or more as women commonly wear them for social outings and formal occasions. Kitten and stiletto heels are narrow as wedge heels have a wedged-shaped sole instead of a heel. Ballet flats are commonly popular all over the world as they look chic though they are relatively short. Pumps are commonly used in the workforce as they are typically worn as slip-on dress shoes.

What Are the Shoe Designs for Men?

Oxfords, derby shoes, monk-straps, loafers are all part of the formal designs of shoes as men’s shoes can also be styled in various ways. Plain-toes create a sleep appearance with no extra decorations need while cap-toes require an extra layer of leather to cap the toe. Formal shoes are manufactured by several well-known companies all over the world such as France, English, Italy and America.


Clogs, sandals, slip-on shoes, boat shoes, and platform shoes are all unisex shoe designs and can be worn by everyone. Animals are also able to wear shoes that are worn by domesticated animals such as horses and dogs.