From flat to extremely high, wearing wedges is the perfect way to show off your  sexy legs. Short women can opt for this shoe design to add height and to look a bit taller and slender. Cute wedges are popular in the fashion world, and they work to provide women with a wide variety of choices for footwear. Whether you prefer to cut out shoes or peep toes, there’s a hidden wedge shoe that you can wear. You may also See Mosaic Shoe Designs

Hidden Wedge Tennis Shoes

hidden wedge tennis shoes

This stunning hidden wedge with a Chicago Bulls symbol is perfect for girls who loves sports. The Swarovski crystals help this converse shoe to stand out while the cute red and black laces will give you compliments.

Hidden Wedge Boat Shoes

hidden wedge boat shoes

Women who are looking for simple but stylish shoes that they can wear every day will appreciate this blue boat shoes. The hidden wedge gives this footwear height to help you look tall. The beautiful flat sole provides better foot grip.
This beautiful hidden wedge Converse is ideal for any woman who loves sports or exercising. The Swarovski crystals give an elegant finishing touch to your outfit while the flat outer sole ensures you to move around without hurting your feet.

Hidden Wedge Ballet Shoes

hidden wedge ballet shoes


Bold red hidden wedges footwear and women Versace shoes will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The vibrant red and white color makes this shoe beautiful and suitable for both formal and casual occasion. The gold word details make the shoe chic. You may also See Women’s Versace Shoes
During cold weather or rainy season, you need stylish hidden wedge boots to keep you warm as well portray your fashion sense. You can wear this elegant pullout boots either as ankle or short calf boots depending on your outfit.

Hidden Wedge Rubber Shoes

hidden wedge rubber shoes


Perfect for summer or spring these pink hidden wedges will make any girl look trendy. The blush pink color will complement any plain outfit enabling you to stand out whether you’re in school or a party.

Hidden Wedge Flat shoes

hidden wedge flat shoes

This vintage cream hidden wedge is suitable for women in their thirties. The cream color makes this shoe versatile enough to pair with any bold outfit color. The leather gives durability while cushioned in love will give your feet grip.

High Hidden Heels Sneakers

high hidden heels sneakers


While winter is a time to wear thick socks, you can keep warm and still look stylish by wearing this high hidden wedge boots. The brown color will make it easier for you to pair these boots with any colored outfit.

Hidden Wedge Platform Shoes

hidden wedge platform shoes

The quality insole which is made of synthetic leather and the rubber outsole will ensure that these skate shoes last for a very long time. You can even pass it on as a gift to your kid.
A wedding is a time to shine and what better way than by wearing these dazzling crystallized converse shoes. The hidden wedge element will give you posture and height. The shiny crystal will make you stand out from the crowd.

Famolare Wedge Platform Shoe

famolare wedge platform shoe

While most wedges are considered summer or spring shoes, the light weight material is what makes this cute shoes suitable to wear all year round. During winter you can opt for hidden wedge boots to keep warm as well depict your style.

Leopard Print Wedge Shoes

leopard print wedge shoes

There are many types of hidden wedges that a woman can choose to wear for that special occasion. You can opt for zippered shoes for casual occasion or laces for a more formal event. Whatever design you choose, hidden wedges can be an excellent way to make your outfit stand out. You may also See Women’s Designer Sneakers

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