Wedding shoes should make you feel attractive and complete your whole look. The type of shoe that you choose will depend on the length and design of your outfit. Even though you will be picking your shoes specifically for the wedding day, they should be in a design that you can re-wear to other events. Finding the perfect shoe can be stressful that’s why we’ve put different wedding shoe designs to help you pick the ideal choice. You may also see Designer Shoe Designs

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Comfortable wedding shoes should fit your feet perfectly and have breathable space. They should have extra padding to provide the much-needed support for walking, dancing and standing for a longer period when taking photographs. Fit your wedding shoes in advance and ensure both the grip and hem of the outfit is perfect.

Comfortable Wedding Flat Shoes

comfortable wedding flat shoes

Flat Wedding Shoes

Flat wedding shoes do not have any heel and can include ballet. You can also opt for wedges which have a flat heel that extends at the back of the shoe. Flat shoes are fun, comfortable and look chic without the need for additional height. Men can wear espadrille, canvas shoes, derby or boat shoes. You may also see Summer Wedding Shoe Designs

Ballet Flat Wedding Shoes

ballet flat weding shoes

Lace Wedding Shoe Designs

If you want wedding shoes that are feminine or girly, then opt for those that incorporate lace. Lace wedding shoe design will look good especially when your wedding dress is made of lace. They are suitable for brides whose wedding is during warm weather like summer or outdoors.

White Lace Wedding Shoes

white lace wedding shoes


Beach Wedding Shoes

Beach wedding shoes are perfect for a wedding that is taking place in an exotic beach. Cute flats, wedges and platform sandals that are easy to walk in, comfortable and breathable are the ideal beach shoes. For an edgy look opt for gladiator sandals in a metallic, glitters, pearl or crystals to match with your wedding gown. You may also see Bridal Shoe Designs

Vintage Wedding Shoes

Vintage wedding shoes are usually manufactured in the 1900s so choose those that match with the era of your dress. They suit a wedding that has a vintage theme. Go for quality shoes in good condition by checking their countries of origin such as those made from Spain and Italy.

Vintage High Heel Wedding Shoes

vintage high heel wedding shoes

Wedding Wedge Shoes

Wedges wedding shoes are one of the most versatile footwear. You can get them as wedge boots, wedge pumps, and wedge sandals. They feature a heel that runs from the front to the back of the shoe. The color and material should complement your wedding dress. Wedges are perfect for girls who want comfort and height. You may also see Party Shoes For Women

Cool Wedding Wedge Shoes

cool wedding wedge shoes


Rhinestone Wedding Shoes

Rhinestone wedding shoes usually feature dazzling embellishments either on the entire shoe, at the front and back or on the heel only. They are ideal for brides whose dresses are not sparkly so as to avoid looking too flashy. They should in a color that matches the theme of the wedding.

Winter Wedding Shoes

Winter wedding shoes are made of leather or heavy fabric that ensures your feet stays warm throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Boots are the ideal shoes for a wedding in winter. They range from a height that covers the leg up to thighs, ankle or mid length boots. You may also see Sentimental Shoe Designs

Colorful Wedding Shoes

Colorful wedding shoes are just what you need to add a bit color to your wedding outfit. They complement traditional wedding dresses in neutral colors such as white or cream. For a girly effect go for peep toe heels with pink glitters or metallic colors such as gold or silver.

Summer Wedding Shoes

Summer wedding shoes will look fabulous when worn during warm seasons when the temperatures are unusually high. Sandals are the ideal wedding shoe for summer. You can choose gladiator sandals with many straps that cage the feet up to thighs and pair with knee length dresses.

Gold Summer Wedding Shoes

gold summer wedding shoes


Wedding Guest Shoes

Wedding guest shoes are for those people who have been invited to attend and celebrate the wedding of their loved one. Go for chunky square shoes that have a pattern that matches with the wedding theme. Men can wear cap toes, monk straps, Derby or oxfords.

Blue Wedding Guest Shoes

blue wedding guest shoes

Glitter Wedding Shoes

We love to see glitters more so during a wedding so if you are adding glitters to your makeup then complement the look by adding glitter wedding shoes. You can either choose a glitter color that matches with your dress color or wear a contrasting glitter shade to add a touch of color.

Floral Wedding Shoe Designs

Flower patterns tend to create a busy look so ensure your wedding dress is simple. Avoid matching floral wedding shoes with a floral wedding dress. Instead, pair your flat floral shoes with a floral clutch that has the same flower patterns and keep your hairstyle and makeup simple.

Floral High Heel Wedding Shoes

floral high heel wedding shoes

Wedding Shoe Designs Importance and Tips

When considering which wedding shoes to buy, always go for comfort and practicality. The trick is to match simple shoes with an elegant gown otherwise both the shoes and your dress will be screaming for attention on that special day. Chances are you will also consider the height of your man, after all, you wouldn’t want to look taller than the groom! So wear flats to avoid looking too tall and wear heels when you need to add height.

While you may want to wear a pretty wedding shoe, if it is not comfortable then that’s your cue to look for another pair. The location of the wedding will also determine the type of shoe you choose. If you will walk on a lawn or the beach, then avoid heels.

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