When we were kids, we all wanted to have the looks, the skills, and an outfit as cartoon heroes. This includes a helmet, suit, mantle and little wonder sneakers. Shiny little sneakers with our favorite characters from cartoons. With a little DIY and imagination, you can have a better result than ever before. If you are not an artist, it will take you several days for a first try but as your skills progress, your will need a few hours only.

Kids Cartoon Sneakers Idea

kids cartoon sneakers idea


Go to a local shop and buy permanent water-resistant markers. This will ensure your art lasts longer when the weather is rainy. Use a wider marker to fill in the gaps and thin pointed markers to outline your drawing.

Swarovski crystal is not all that is incorporated in these beautiful Nike dunks. There is more to detail then it meets the eye. You will never guess at first sight. Use a carbon paper to copy the image you cut out of a comic book and then apply the markers.

Minion Cartoon Sneakers

minion cartoon sneakers


It presents a beautiful utilization of asymmetry. Different tones and different characters are present on a designed sneakers. Mind you, this requires a bigger surface for this kind of effect. You can practice first designs on a plain paper and when you are confident, you can do it on snickers.

Orange Color Pokemon Shoes

orange color pokemon shoes


Do it with ease by purchasing an ultrathin gummy sticker. Add few drops of textile glue and stick a Pokemon to your shoes. When it is dried, you will need spray locker to make it shine and protect it from the elements. Do letters by hand.

Infant Cartoon Sneakers

infant cartoon sneakers

You are supposed to buy two pairs of the same model and size but colored in two different colors. Use one left and one right from each pair and let the imagination do the rest. A transparent waterproof spray will enhance the durability of colors. This means, there is another pair to do also for the other kid. Enjoy your creativity with Easy Shoe Designs.

Finding Nemo Shoes Design

finding nemo shoes design

We just love the color composition of this design. Although blue is dominant, it is used widely all over the surface. Just remember to wash your snickers before you do anything. his way, you will ensure your colors stay over entire surface evenly.

Simpsons Themed Sneakers

simpsons themed sneakers

This theme has been done by the factory. We hope you like this idea as much as we do. However, if you are not a pro artist, you will not get this kind of the detail and quality. Vintage pair of sneakers belongs to a true collector.

Chottabheem Cartoon Sneakers

chottabheem cartoon sneakers


Two color background will draw your attention. But details are what make this design beautiful. You can do this by using special markers with a sticky paint.

The game Pokemon is a global phenomenon. Don’t play the game while you are driving or walking down the crowded street. But you will definitely turn attention on yourself. You must have in mind that hot days might require White Shoes for Summer.

Tom and Jerry Inspired Shoes Design

tom and jerry inspired shoes design


You can’t be wrong if you use turquoise color as a background for your new idea. Turquoise is the main thing this summer. Now, add cartoon heroes like Tom & Jerry and you will have unique sneakers.

Unisex Cartoon Shoes Design

unisex cartoon shoes design

Super Mario Shoes Design

super mario shoes design

Colorful Cartoon Shoes Design

colorful cartoon shoes design

Whatever your choice is, whatever design you chose, keep in mind that it will not be easy. If you are not a talented person and drawing is not your area, you can always print and cut funny cartoon characters you find on-line or in a comic book and transfer it to carbon paper. Rest of the job is child’s play. Have a look at Metallic Shoes.

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