From Adidas to custom designs, psychedelic shoes will make you stand out and get noticed. While the primary function of shoes is to protect the feet, mosaic shoes say a lot about your mood and personality. With psychedelic design, you get to choose shoes according to structure, comfort, appearance and functionality. What’s unique about these shoes is that they incorporate bold colors, intricate design, and different cool shapes to ensure that your footwear stands out.
Why go for a neutral shoe color when you can wear psychedelic shoes that portray your eccentric style. So whether you prefer Toms, Converses, Lace-up canvas shoes or Keds there’s psychedelic footwear that will suit your style.

Retro Psychedelic Shoes

retro psychedelic shoes

The small heel makes this psychedelic shoe perfect for attending a concert, cocktail party or dancing. The gold studded gems give these pumps an elegant trait while the rainbow color and floral pattern give it a feminine element. You may also see Spooky Shoe Designs

Psychedelic Converse Shoes

psychedelic converse shoes

This pink converse trainer shoe is just what your baby girl needs to boost her walking confidence. You will worry less about her losing the shoes because the T-strap will firmly keep the footwear on her feet.
Ladies, go for these vintage psychedelic shoes to portray your extrovert personality. The flat design of this shoe will ensure that you go about your daily activities looking fashionable without hurting your toes or ankles.

Psychedelic Tennis Shoes

psychedelic tennis shoes

These Airwalk psychedelic tennis shoes are perfect for male teenagers who want to stay comfortable yet still look chic. The black and white color makes it easier to pair with school attire or a casual outfit.

Psychedelic Running Shoes

psychedelic running shoes

This multi-color shoe is ideal for athletes or any person who enjoy running as a way to stay fit. With this lightweight shoe, you can use the lace up closure to adjust your footwear according to the fit you prefer.

Psychedelic Men Shoes

psychedelic mens shoes

A wearable shoe with a firm external heel is just what you need if you intend to make running a habit. The ultrasonic Bemis tape provides comfort and holds feet in place while the outer heel counter will help you run faster.

Leather Psychedelic Shoes

leather psychedelic shoes

Make a first impression that will make people remember your face by wearing this unique psychedelic leather shoes. Ideal for everyday wear, the high-quality rubber sole helps this rainbow color shoe to last for a very long time.

Adidas Psychedelic Printed Shoes

adidas psychedelic printed shoes

Extra light and comfortable are the main factors that men look for in a good psychedelic shoe. Individuals, whose feet sweat when wearing closed shoes, can take comfort in the light absorbent inner lining property of this footwear.

Psychedelic Art Shoes Design

psychedelic art shoes design

Men can use this multi-color Adidas shoe to score fashion points. This spooky shoe is also the go-to footwear for men who love to draw attention using their shoes. Pair this psychedelic shoe with casual attire. You may also see Winged Shoe Designs

Vans Psychedelic Shoes Design

vans psychedelic shoes design

Retro Style Psychedelic Pumps

retro style psychedelic pumps

Psychedelic Rain Boots for Women

psychedelic rain boots for women

Psychedelic Pattern Sneakers

psychedelic patterns sneakers

Trendy Psychedelic Shoes

trendy psychedelic shoes

Vintage Psychedelic Shoe Design

vintage psychedelic shoe design

Psychedelic Knee High Boots

psychedelic knee high boots

How to wear psychedelic shoes?

The main reason why psychedelic shoes are so vibrant is so that they can stand out on their own. So, to make a statement with these shoes, wear subtle or neutral colored clothes. Pairing monochromes outfits with psychedelic footwear will bring color to your feet. Even when going to the gym or a sports event you can use mosaic shoes to add a unique style to your overall look.

What your lace up psychedelic shoes says about you?

Lace up psychedelic shoes tends to reveal an individual who loves fashion and tends to prefer trendy designs. These shoes also portray a fun and creative person.

While shoes tend to be the last item that you put on, they say a lot about you, your style and your personality. While it’s easy to stick to wearing safe colors, mosaic shoes bring color to a simple outfit. So, get bold and choose one of this unique psychedelic shoe designs.

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