Metal jewelry designs are very popular these days mainly because of how beautiful they look on anything you wear. Metal is a type of jewelry that can be worn on anything and they will still look amazing. Both, Mosaic Jewelry Design and Urban Jewelry are all made of metal and they stand out so perfectly.

Here are some metal jewelry design that are beautiful and can add extra dose of oomph to your look. The colorful design adds to the look of this stunning pieces. It is more eye catchy and visually appealing than just another piece of jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of these fine artistic designs.

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Black Metal Necklace Design

Black is beautiful and certainly when it is in the form of metallic jewelry. The charming chain is vintage and has different colored studs used to accentuate the metal. To make it even better, the design in itself is something worth noticing. This would compliment any dress.

Stamped Metal Bracelet

This design is quite commonly used as a bracelet but what makes it a little different is the piece of metal with something inscribed on it. It is highlighted and written in black. It will be a wonderful gift to someone you love. The hearts at the end of the bracelet give it a special effect. You may also see Urban Jewelry Designs

Vintage Metal Collar Necklace

The metal collar design is very popular these days. It comes in two forms, one as a choker and the other as a long drop down with a chunky end. Both of them are lovely to look at in their own way and the metallic finish is what makes it look elegant.

Metal Wire Warp Pendant

A pretty pendant like this is a rare sight. The yellow and orange stone wrapped around by metallic wire is a lovely representation of a fine piece of jewelry. The metallic design has detailed work done to it, to make it look pleasant to blend in well with the stones.

Metal Lace Necklace

Be it a ball or a gala, your beautiful long dress needs an even prettier thing to compliment it and nothing better than this metal lace necklace. There are rhinestones in between, which are in black also to make it look radiating. And to go with it is the matching earring.

Mixed Metal Ring Design

Rings often go unnoticed because they are tiny when compared to your chunky necklaces and pretty dresses but not this particular one. This design has a metallic finish and has a smoky quartz that makes it look less of a ring and more of a great piece of artistic work.

Handmade Metal Earrings

This handmade metallic earring has a copper finishing to it, which makes it look rustic, earthy and natural. This can go well with any casual outfit but when they drop down from your ear, all eyes are going to be on you.

Hammered Metal Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is lovely looking because they look like multiple bangles that have been put together. There is a mix of different metallic colors and each of them out beat each and looks stunning by the end of it.

Metal Heart Pendant Idea

Gift your loved one something special; especially when that something is special is as gorgeous and elegant as this metal heart pendant. The rhinestones on the inner heart are blending in with the metal design. Together they are gorgeous and lovely to look at.

Twisted Metal Bracelet

The gold and silver combination is very rare but this bracelet is going to make it very popular. The twisted design is wonderful in itself because of the metal design but the gold and silver touch added to it, radiates a sign of sheer elegance.

Simple Metal Earrings Design

Beautiful Metal Necklace Idea

Cute Metal Pendant Necklace

Unique Metal Necklace Design

Cool Metal Bracelet Idea

Pretty Metal Bracelet Idea


Elegant Metal Jewelry Idea


Hammered Metal Earrings Idea


Metal Work Bracelet for Men


Metal Hoop Earrings Idea


These were twenty beautiful metal designs. There is wooden jewelry design and other forms of jewelry but there is nothing like metal jewelry. They look very earthy with a rustic touch and no matter what color or pattern you design it with, it will look splendid.

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