Barbie, every girl’s dream doll and character. Everyone during their childhood would have a collection of Barbie dolls and its accessories. Now that you’re a grown-up, how about trying out some Barbie nail art designs? Styling your nails is in trend and makes you look cool with funky nail art designs.

You can try some marbling designs, polka dots, add jewels and glitters, stamping or creating any new design. Nail arts will actually high lighten the dress you wear. Your hands will look amazing with these cute acrylic nail designs.

3d Barbie Nail Art

3d barbie nail art


3d nail arts are very good and take a little longer to do it. Red, pink, sea blue and purple nail paints are used with stones and beads laid on it. The texturing and combination of the beads are perfect and makes it feel lovely.

Shape you nails in a pointed manner. Apply pink nail paint and glitter nail paints, add stones to the nail to make it look attractive and trendy. It looks good for people who have long nails and fair skin texture.

Barbie Pink Nail Art Idea

barbie pink nail art idea


Pink is mostly the favorite color for girls and the favorite color for Barbie too. The nail art and nail paint should match the skin tone of your hand. Apply a thick coat of pink nail paint and white nail paint for one nail.

Glitter nail designs are the best to wear when you head to a party. This suits a lot for people with all skin tones. Apply a thick layer of the desired nail paint, one layer of glitter coat on it. Design with the glitter coat for the nail.

Tip nail designs are very cool and trendy. Design your tip nail with glitters, stones, gems and other designs. Apply thin natural nail paint and design the nail edge with suitable colors which you desire.

Pointed nails are always very cute and sassy. Some colors look good with a thin layer and others look pretty when applied thick. Apply a thick color of pink and black nail paint and stick stones of your desired design.

Barbie Silver Nails

barbie silver nails


Coloring four nails with one color and the other nail with another is now trendy. A simple nail paint to all the four nails and a very flashy nail color will make your hands look pretty.

Barbie Nail Art Sticker

barbie face nail art design


Get a Barbie face on your and roll back to your Barbie world. Pink, blue, light purple are the best colors which suit Barbie nail art designs.

Nail texturing looks very good for candy nail art designs. Start with a lighter color and then darken with a dark color to the edges. It looks very pretty and amazing.

Barbie Nail Design for Short Nails

barbie nail designs for small nails


Cartoon nail art designs are very pretty and cute. You can try any designs and texturing for your nails either it is small or lengthy in size. Apply a thick layer of pink colour and stick stones to the start of the nail.

Rainbow Barbie Nail Design

rainbow barbie nail design


Love Barbie Nail Art

love barbie nail art


Leopard Barbie Nail Design

leopard barbie nail design


Barbie Toe Nail Art

barbie toe nail art


Barbie Stripe Nail Design

cute barbie nail design


Pattern Barbie Nail Art

modern barbie nail art


Makes your nails look glossy and pretty with the best colours of your choice. Don’t worry if your nails are short, you will have many different design which can be done even for short nails. Try some French tip nail designs for your nail and make it look more pretty and attractive. Try out these different nail art designs and look trendy and pretty with beautiful nail designs.

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