1. Right Shampoo and Conditioner

The care taking process of blonde hair gets fairly simpler if you use the right combination of shampoo and conditioner. Choose products which are not harsh on the hair, and preferably shampoo and conditioner which is ‘sulfate-free.

hair conditioner for bob haircuts


3. Pick Purple and Silver Shampoo

While on shampoos, just make sure you look out for shampoos which are purple or silver. They are good for the blonde locks and so worth a purchase. Just ensure they aren’t too clarifying.

pick purple and silver shampoo for blonde locks hair


4. Keep Hair Hydrated

If you’re not a natural blonde, then your golden locks are going to be water-deprived very often. To avoid any embarrassment, for the upkeep of your blonde hair, it is very important that your condition it as frequently as possible.

natural blonde hair


5. UV Protective Spray

Sun is not the friend of your blonde hair. Make sure you use a UV spray – especially during summers – to keep your hair protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They have a tendency to dry out the hair really quick.

summer blonde hair protection tips


8. A Good stylist

blone good locks need stylist


You may be a great DIY person, but in case of getting good color for your locks, a good stylist is a must!

9. Cooler Blow-Dryer

Pull down your blow dryer to a cooler setting. Blow drying your hair against hot air can have adverse effects on the hair color and hair texture. You should remember this particular rule if you blow-dry your hair on a daily basis.


blow hair dryer

10. Dry Shampooing

In order to retain the golden color and luster on your hair longer, it is advisable that you don’t shampoo your hair often, instead purchase a dry shampoo and apply as refreshment on your hair. It works very well.

golden blonde hair


11. Chlorine Proof

water proof for hair


If you’re a water baby and love to swim, take this advice seriously. Don’t take the pool before wetting your locks with bottled water. If your hair is already wet before going into the pool, it won’t absorb the chlorine in the pool water.

12. Go Easy with Heat Styling

As mentioned earlier, blonde hair runs dry really fast, so it is recommendable that you go easy with your heat styling routine, cut down the usage of the blow dryer.

chlorine proof hair tip


13. Avoid Discoloration

You can do that simply by adhering to the entire remedies list above. Managing blonde hair is not rocket science. It’s only common sense mixed with awareness!

decolorization of blonde hair e1459600796377


14. Gloss Treatment

Another way you could keep the blonde color alive in your hair is by going to the salon and getting gloss treatments done.

gloss treatment for blonde hair


15. Trim the Dead Ends

If your hair has been subjected to more bleaching then chances of breakage are higher. Save yourself the embarrassment by getting the dead ends trimmed at regular intervals.

trim the dead ends of blonde hair


16. Shine Spray

If you’re a blonde who loves to style her hair often, it is recommended that you always use a shine spray at the end of your styling routine. Applying shine spray will ensure that luster and shine of your hair is maintained always.

shiny blonde hair


17. Don’t Over Brush

One way to avoid breakage of your blonde hair is by not brushing it too many times too much. Use a ball-bristled brush versus the normal brush. Also don’t brush through wet hair, make use of a comb instead.

dont over brush your hair e1459600327918


18. Don’t Tie Too Tightly

Don’t tie a ponytail in your hair that’s very tight wound. It puts your hair roots at the risk of becoming damaged. Don’t wear a tight hairstyle all day as it may cause hair breakage.

dont tie your pony tail tightly


19. Don’t Over-Color

Going in for getting a recolor done is not a smart thing to do. It can hamper your hair’s natural health and cause you other health-related problems. Speak your hair stylist before choosing to apply another coat of blonde.

blonde hair color e1459600623570

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