Winters is approaching and the universal companion of a man for this season are jackets and coats. Jackets bring out the individuality of the person and if carried off well, adds an edge to the personality. Going with the winter wear trends from the fall-winter 2016-17 collection, we are presenting 9 jacket designs that are an absolute this season’s must-have for every man.

1. Classic Leather Jacket

classic leather jacket

First and foremost what is winterwear that never goes out of style? It is the leather jacket! After suit, if there is anything that makes men look extremely attractive and handsome is a ritzy leather jacket. Nothing adds an effortless charm to a personality like a leather jacket.

2. Jackets with Extra Long Sleeves

jackets with extra long sleeves

Long sleeves are an in-thing this season. If you like to stay trendy and up-to-date with style, You must have a jacket with long sleeves. From Prada to Raf Simon, this style has been a part of most designers’ collection for this year’s fall and winters.

3. Military Style Jacket

military style jacket

Whether men or women, we suggest you must have a military style jacket in your closet. This trend is a sure shot-hit for this season. There is a charm and style associated with military and, fashion has always taken its inspiration from there. You should definitely not hesitate while making this purchase.

4. Checks Jacket


Checks and plaids are winter’s favorite. Don’t even think twice if you are planning to buy a check-patterned jacket for yourself. They are available in monochrome as well as in different colors and you can choose them as per the occasion. Checks in pastels and monochromatic style can be carried for a formal meeting or event.

5. Coats with Straps

coats with straps

These coats come with single and sometimes various straps and, are perfect for a casual event. This design has a certain edge and you might be taking a fashion risk with this one. Make sure you will be able to pull if off before making the purchase. Whatever be the case, one thing is for sure that you are not going to go unnoticed!

6. Velvet Coat

velvet coat

Velvet again can be risky and, one has to be sure about the quality of the fabric used. Velvet is again making a comeback and can be a practical choice for the fall. If you are comfortable with the fabric, make sure you purchase a velvet coat for a close get-together or a night event.

7. Sequin Coats

sequin coats

Yes we are talking of men’s jackets here and yes we brought in sequin in the same category. Designers have included sequin jacket in this year’s collection for fall and winters. We suggest you not to hesitate in trying out this style. If carried with confidence, these jackets can look cool and highly contemporary.

8. Cape Style Jacket

cape style jackets

Another style that has been more popular with women but is not making its way into men’s fashion. Cape style is comfortable, practical and makes you look effortless in terms of style. You can find these cape style jackets in Gucci and Burberry collection.

9. Oriental Style Jacket

oriental style jackets

Oriental-style print is making its place in men’s fashion. For the fall-winter trends, oriental style jackets and oriental style patterns have been popular on the runways, deriving its inspiration from the eastern part of the world.

These jackets are currently making waves in the fashion world. Having them in your wardrobe will certainly set your style quotient high. Fall is here, set your preference and make your choice before the winter arrives!

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