Bored of the same old nail polish designs? Looking for something cool and elegant? There is an all new world of trendy new nail designs out there and Nail Design aficionados have taken it to the next level. There is everything from chic nail designs to more playful and colorful one’s, you choose your pick. Short nails Design or long nails Design,

you can use them to match outfits or to grab all eyeballs at a theme party or just to be fun and quirky. Nail Designs have come a long way from the Dark Red, and now you can choose from an array of Nail Designs, multi-coloured, sunset, with various other designs matching the theme that one is going for.

Multicolored Sunset Nail Design

multicolored sunset nail design


Sunset Nail Designs have recently become all the craze having flooded all social media platforms, particularly the Multicolored Sunset Nail Design. It is simple and you can have them designed on either one nail, or all with a choice of colours, you don’t need to settle for the usual orangish sunset, instead you can put in red, yellow and darker shades along with a blue for water. You can get creative with the color matches and explore your inner Picasso.

Stunning Themed Nail Art

stunning themed nail art


Why not create your own theme for a Nail Design? Put in maybe a landscape or a view from your window, or take it one notch higher and make a Marvel based theme or adorn your nails with an Egyptian based theme or Venice or the Taj Mahal.

Pretty Sunset Nail Art Design

pretty sunset nail art design1


Another famous Sunset Nail Art Design, you can literally let your imagination go wild on sunsets. By using ambient complementing colours, you can make it a masterpiece.

Palm Tree Nail Design Idea

palm tree nail design idea


Palm Tree Nail Designs are an emerging nail design that has been getting a lot of traction off late. Although much simpler than the Sunset Nail Art Designs and the themed Nail Art Designs, they are quite fashionable, and are popular among the younger crowd.

Summer Nail Design For Small Nails

summer nail design for small nails


Small Nails sometimes are not ideal for Extensive nail designs especially when it comes to landscapes and beaches. However if you do have a steady hand you can try out loads of quirky summer nail designs, combining glitter with artistic designs.

Light Colored Nail Polish Idea

light colored nail polish idea


For those willing to experiment with colours, here is a new idea that has been doing the rounds. Get bubbly colors to fit in with different shades, and with the right fade effect you can pull off amazing designs.

Silver Glitter Gel Sunset Nail Art

silver glitter gel sunset nail art


Glitter is making a comeback among the Nail Design freaks. Couple Silver Glitter Gel with a Sunset Nail Design and Voila! You have a great combination of colors and you have glitter and of course the Sunset.

Tropical Sunset Nail Design Idea

tropical sunset nail design idea


With the Tropical Sunset Nail Design, you can introduce your own theme and combination of colours with abstract designs using clouds and putting together the combination of sunlight, water and the clouds.

Pink Sunset Nails With Trees Art

pink sunset nails with trees art


Colorful Nail Art Idea

colorful nail art idea


Acrylic Beach Nails Design

acrylic beach nails design


Sunset Nail Design With Crystals

sunset nail design with crystals


Glitter Orange Nail Design

glitter orange nail design


Pink Gel Sunset Nails

pink gel sunset nails


Cute Sunset Nail Design

cute sunset nail design


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