Two-tone nails are in fashion right now and we think they look stunning. The contrasting colors, if used rightly can look radiating and you will definitely stand out in a crowd. This is a very bold step to go ahead with and not many people do it but we suggest you do after looking at the designs we have found for you.

Yellow and Pink Sunset Nails

yellow and pink sunset nails


If you look at the sunset closely, it’s never orange and yellow; it’s more of yellow and pink. The sky mostly being pink and the view is awesome. That’s exactly what we think about this design. The combination is just like the sunset, perfect. We love the design done on it, it completes the entire color combination.

Two Tone Glitter Nail Design

two tone glitter nail design


Glitters will make your nails look lustrous. With this blue and silver glitter combination, your nails will be radiating. This look can be carried out perfectly during a party or some big event. Not only your dress but your nails will also be gleaming and grabbing all the attention.

Pink and Black Nail Art

pink and black nail art


We have always favored the color pink, but black is involuntarily been our favorite and the two together can only be called as the most eligible pair. There are designs done onto the nail paint and every design looks nice in its own way.

Mint and White Nail Design Idea

mint and white nail design idea


Mint green is such a fashionable color; we always look out for designs with this color and see how fabulous they look here. The varied mint green color and white makes your nails look polished and glossy.

Two Colour Leopard Print Nail Art

two colour leopard print nail art


This design is completely cool and mod. The leopard print design has always been in fashion and would never get outdated. Leopard print designs give out a very sharp and sensuous look and feel. This design is alluring and we think you should try it on.

Acrylic Two Colour Nail Design

acrylic two colour nail design


These nails are definitely on fleek. The white nail paint with matte black is a beautiful contrast and the one nail which has glitter onto it is perfect. Overall the combination goes with each other and they all look visually appealing.

Two Tone Toe Nail Art Design

two tone toe nail art design


If you want to experiment with dark colors on your toes, this has got to be the one. This color according to us is graceful and looks very elegant. You can make it a two tone design by adding a glitter line on the nail paint. This way the design looks modern and splendid.

Pink and Black Glitter Nail Design

pink and black glitter nail design


Black and White Acrylic Nail Design

black and white acrylic nail design


Two Tone Elegant Nail Art

two tone elegant nail art


Easy Two Tone Nail Design

easy two tone nail design


Blue Gradient Nail Art

blue gradient nail art


Blue and Black Nail Design for Long Nails

blue and black nail design for long nails


Blue and White Stamping Nail Art

blue and white stamping nail art


Red and Black Floral Print Nail Design

red and black floral print nail design


These are some two-tone designs that we loved and would look good on anyone.

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