A beauty trend getting very popular these days is the DIY nail art designs. Women are now taking the nail trend a step further with gorgeous little designs dotting nail pictures across the internet. For a quick yet incredibly unique design, we have compiled a list of newspaper nail art designs for you! Are you curious to find out some amazing nail arts doing the rounds at the moment? Read on to get the current scoop!

Black and Grey Newspaper Nail Art

black and grey newspaper nail art


We girls love wearing the gothic shades of black and gray on our nails! And what better than incorporating a collection of various pretty designs, one on each nail to reflect the changing moods! Get a couple of nails stamped with newspaper art, and you’re all set to show them off.

With the summer season raging hot, white is pretty much the color of the moment! Paint a pure white base on your nails, and follow it up with newspaper stamping for a pure bookish look. Top it with a clear glossy coat to complete the look.

Purple Nail Art Design

purple nail art design


Love purple and books? Well, we got just the nail art for you! Spice up your nails this season with a gorgeous shade of glossy purple topped with stamped words. All you need now is to grab a mug of hot chocolate and climb into bed with a cozy romantic book!

Chinese News Nail Art

chinese news nail art


People totally rave foreign languages and arts wherever you go; the different cultures hold a special charm in their hearts! Get your nails a pretty makeover with this awesome newspaper nail art design using Chinese characters on a white nail paint base.

Red and White Newspaper Bow Design Nail Art

red and white newspaper bow design nail art


Want to go for a more outgoing girly look? Try out this incredibly lovely nail art design incorporating lipstick marks and frilly bows on a pretty base of newspaper stamped art. Make sure to alternate the red and white base colors here to get the perfect look!

Subtle nail art as a design trend is gaining quick popularity, especially on dull colors like gray, navy blue and dirty pink. Give the matte finish to the base and zest it up with pretty serif font word stamps. Finish it with a clear gloss coat.

Oh, we loved this design the moment we set our eyes on it! Got long pretty nails and want to show off your love for books? This is the newspaper art you are waiting for! Paint your nails a soft off-white shade, and top it with word stampings from your favorite book!

Close up White Nail Art Design

close up white nail art design


Another one for the die-hard book lovers, this one is similar to the one above, except this is done on deep white base, and is spiced up with little hearts all around. Don’t forget to enhance the final look with little sun rays decorating the middle finger!

You don’t always have to go for words when you try out newspaper nail art designs. Try out this little piece of innovation with floral stamps and creatively stuck glitter to end up with these beautiful nails! Remember to paint your nails a matte pink color for this one; shiny bases would become too stark here.

Simple Newspaper Nail Art for Short Nails

simple newspaper nail art for short nails


Got short nails which break easily? Don’t worry, you can still play designer with this lovely design! All you need is an off-white base to work a book-like color, and zest it up with stamped words in serif fonts. Keep the stamping perpendicular to your nails for the ideal look!

Blue Water Color Nail Art

blue water color nail art


Glitter Gray Art Nail Design

glitter gray art nail design


Colorful Pointy Nail Art

colorful pointy nail art


Tulip Flower Newspaper Nails

tulip flower newspaper nails


Brown Nail Art Design

brown nail art design


Simple Black and White Nails

simple black and white nails


Dark Blue Newspaper Nails

dark blue newspaper nails


Nail art designs come and go, but we believe these pretty newspaper arts becoming popular this year are here to stay! Made especially for girls who love to read as well as dance, these ones can reflect your personalities of being an introvert with a fun heart right from your nails. Gift yourself a makeover this season by taking your pick from this collection – and share your wonderful experiences with us in the comments section below. Have a wonderful time playing around with these gorgeous newspaper nail art designs!

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