You need not be a hardcore music lover for having these curvy and cute musical notes on your nails. The design of the motifs is easy to apply and will look good with almost all your outfits. It is not just us, the musical notes have also made a glamorous entry in the fashion world with several stars sporting this poppy and bubbly design. For bringing some music and style to your life we have enlisted the top music note nail designs that you can try for your next concert or simply your next evening out.

Blue Music Note Nail Design

Blue Music Note Nail Design Source

Soft and dark purple is one color combination to try for your music note nail art. You can keep the design simple by painting the notes in black on soft purple color and painting a pattern of your choice with glitter nail paint on the dark purple.

Black and White Music Nails

Black and White Music Nails Source

Paint the musical notes in the standard black and white combination. This design is a bit more elaborative and will require slightly more precision and patience. Paint two nails in white and remaining three in black. Add the cursive lines on the nails with silver paint and finish off by drawing the musical notes with the contrasting color. If you make the design thin you can even include two notes on a single nail.

Classy Music Themed Nail Art

Classy Music Themed Nail Art Source

For a design that is slightly inclined towards feminity, choose a color combination of blue and pink. You can paint two nails in pink and other three in blue or vice versa. Add the black musical notes on pink base nails. The notes come out beautifully on this soft color, make sure to be as neat as possible because pink tends to highlight the flaws distinctly.

White and Pink Music Note Nails

White and Pink Music Note Nails Source

If you consider yourself a nail art expert then we suggest you try this detail musical design. Play around with the design of musical notes, piano keys and face masks. The design is beautiful and intricate, but if you are pro lets just say this will be your next milestone in nail art.

Colorful Musical Nail Art

Colorful Musical Nail Art Source

You can have an ombre base to your musical note design. Have a gradient of blue and orange, green and yellow and paint the musical notes clearly on them. If you want you can also have a standard plain blue on one nail and experiment with the design by adding discs and notes together for making the look more involved.

Glitter Music Nail Art Design

Glitter Music Nail Art Design Source

Love the look of glitter add it to you musical note nail design. For a striking appearance go for matte blue and glitter green. Paint the matte blue with musical notes on one nail and all the remaining in glittery green. Now add the blue color detailing on the glitter nails. The look gives the standard glitter nail paint an extra edge.

Purple Music Note Nail Art Idea

Purple Music Note Nail Art Idea Source

For a look that is simple and attractive go for a purple glitter paint on all nails and add a simple musical note on one. The look is easy, pretty and a must try for beginners.

Creative Musical Nail Design

Creative Musical Nail Design Source

Another detailed and creative musical note design to try would be by making use of rhinestones. Paint the middle and ring finger in matte white with a touch of spray painted effect of pink and green. Further, add the musical notes on the nails and add rhinestones on the index fingers to complete the design. The look is unique and will definitely make your hands get noticed.

Pink Polka Dot Nails

Pink Polka Dot Nails Source

Black musical notes dispersed on all the pink base coated nails is another way to add the musical design on your hands.

Toe Music Note Nail Design

Toe Music Note Nail Design Source

For a look that is minimal and unique go for musical note design one nail. This look will come out better on toenails as they are broad and have more space for experimenting with the design. Paint the musical notes diagonally across the nail and keep the look of all the other nails bright and matte.

Black Music Gel Nail Design

Black Music Gel Nail Design Source

Easy Music Note Nail Art

Easy Music Note Nail Art Source

Colorful Musical Nails

Colorful Music Nails Source

Yellow Music Nail Design

Yellow Music Nail Design Source

Black Music Nail Art on Grey Nails

Music Sparkle Nail Design Source

Music Ombre Nail Design

Music Ombre Nail Design Source

Dark Purple Glitter Nail Art

Dark Purple Glitter Nail Art Source

White and Black Piano Nail Art

White and Black Piano Nail Art Source

Red Polka Dot Nail Design

Red Polka Dot Nail Design Source

White Music Nail Design

White Music Nail Design Source

Music Striped Nail Art

Music Striped Nail Art Source

Musical note designs are a must try if you are looking for something unique, fun and cool for your nails. The advantage of using musical note motifs is they look good on soft and subtle as well as glittery and bright shades. Make your simple design look unusual and fresh with this musical note motifs.  

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