Well, all love tuxedos and how it adds a certain panache to any personality irrespective of the gender. How about some nail art designs inspired by tuxedos? Doesn’t that sound exciting? It surely does to us. We went over some brilliant tuxedo nail art designs and came out with the best 10 to show you.

These are cute, smart, elegant, chic and definitely very fashionable. Long nails, shorts nails, these are for all type of nails, even your toenails. So take a sneak peek into the most beautiful designs we have found for you.

Colorful Tuxedo Nail Design

colorful tuxedo nail design


Doesn’t this design look stunning and absolutely eye catching? We love the perfect red combination with one nail standing out in a perfectly done tuxedo. The tuxedo nail is perfectly drawn and overall this is a different nail art that at the same time looks magnificent.

Tuxedo Nail Art For Short Nails

tuxedo nail art for short nails


If you are not a big fan of long nails, we can help you make those short nails also look equally stunning. This design is perfect for short nails and is very cute to look at. It is a bride and groom theme where the tuxedo with the pink bow looks absolutely adorable.

Tuxedo Nails With Rhinestones

tuxedo nails with rhinestones


This is definitely party-ready nails and a must try for all of you out there. It is stunningly beautiful and elegant at the same time. The combination is subtle but looks spectacular. The rhinestones give it an overall dazzling look. We are in love with this one.

Tuxedo Toe Nail Art Idea

tuxedo toe nail art idea


Make your toenails looks beautiful too. The pink is eccentric and stands out beautifully. The bow around it is stunning and looks very chic. Overall this combination is lovely and very finely done.

Tuxedo Long Nail Design

tuxedo long nail design


Rhinestones make your nails look ravishing, so a touch of it can be added onto your nails to give it a perfect stunning look. This is different from the rest. Instead of the perfect tuxedo design, the combination is drawn out well on each nail. It is done neatly and will make it a perfect party and casual wear.You may also See Music Note Nail Designs

Trendy Tuxedo Nail Art

trendy tuxedo nail art


Tuxedo Glitter Nail Art

tuxedo glitter nail art


Funky Hand Painted Nail Art

funky hand painted nail art


Simple Tuxedo Nail Art Design

simple tuxedo nail art design


Simple and Nice Shellac Nails

simple and nice shellac nails


Lace Nail Art for Wedding

lace nail art for wedding


Purple Color Nail Art Idea

purple color nail art idea1


Tuxedo nails are in fashion these days because of the very popular culture of wearing tuxedos at every event. The white and black combination makes everyone want to get one, for your nails especially. These are suitable for different occasions and that’s what makes it even better. Be it a party or a casual event, these nails are definitely going to stand out and more importantly, make you look stunning.

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