Who doesn’t love food? It is something we literally cannot live without. There are food items we eat to live and then there are delicious food items that we live to eat. And with the way nail designs are evolving, from plain, monochromatic shades to cute animals and even social media website logos, our favorite foods have now joined the trend and found themselves on our nails. Here are a few creative designs that will have your imagination running, and have your tummy rumbling too!

Cupcake Nail Designs

Cupcake Nail Designs Source

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your fingers are spread out and you’re looking at beautifully done nails. Especially when yummy cupcakes are painted on them. You can pull this off by having cupcakes done on different colored bases.

Candy Nail Art Designs

Candy Nail Art Designs Source

If you are crazy about confection, this sweet (pun intended) and simple design can be done by using colorful schemes. You can shake it up by adding some lollipops, licorice and a few of your other favorite candies to the mix.

Fast Food Nail Art Idea

Fast Food Nail Art Idea Source

Remember to watch your carbs when you try this scrumptious fast food themed nail design. Apart from burgers and fries and even soda cups you can use different popular restaurant brands as a theme and change the color scheme accordingly.

Cheesy Pizza Nail Design

Cheesy Pizza Nail Design Source

Isn’t pizza everyone’s favorite? You can try this design to show that it’s yours too. Add some flavor by using different colors and throwing on some of your favorite toppings.

Cute Junk Food Nail Design

Cute Junk Food Nail Design Source

If you really want to get creative, here’s junk food design that you can try. And who says you can’t have a mix of junk food and healthy food? Throw on some bananas, pears, grapes, and whatever else you’re feeling like on the day. You may also See Heartbeat Nail Art Designs

Doughnut Nail Art Designs

Doughnut Nail Art Designs Source

You don’t have to be a cop to be madly in love with doughnuts. Those sugary treats are a widespread favorite and they are easy to have done on your nails too. Try this design and use different variations of size and color. Be careful not to chew your nails off, though!

Creative 3D Food Nails

Creative 3D Food Nail Source

You can let your personality stand out by trying this unique design, adding any of your favorite foods to each nail. Spice it up by adding ketchup or hot sauce bottles, and maybe even some mustard on the thumbnail too.

Pretty Chocolate Frosting Nails

Pretty Chocolate Frosting Nails Source

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, ivory chocolate, even baking chocolate – chocolate is a popular treat and a common guilty pleasure. You’ll have nothing to be guilty about when you try these designs, though. You can even add a little of the color of the wrapper at the base of the nail to add variation. You may also See Mickey Mouse Nail Art Designs

Glitter Food Nail Design Idea

Glitter Food Nail Design Idea Source

This design brings plenty of ways to switch things up, and you can paint almost any food on the glittery base, with the color of your choice.

Breakfast Nail Designs

Breakfast Nail Designs Source

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day so why not deck your nails with what you love having for breakfast? Are you a fan of cereal? You can go a step further by having your favorite cereal mascots done on your nails too.

Junk Food Nail Art

Junk Food Nail Art Source

Food Tip Nail Art

Food Tip Nail Art Source

Food Ice Cream Nail Design

Food Ice Cream Nail Design Source

Colorful Long Nail Art

Colorful Long Nail Art Source

Strawberry Nail Art Idea

Strawberry Nail Art Idea Source

Short Pointy Fruit Nails

Short Pointy Fruit Nails Source

Attractive Cheese Food Nails

Attractive Cheese Food Nails Source

Classy Food Nail Design

Classy Food Nail Design Source

French Fries Nail Art

French Fries Nail Art Source

Gel Food Nail Design

Gel Food Nail Design Source

Simple Food Nail Design

Simple Food Nail Design Source

Gorgeous Food Nails

Gorgeous Food Nails Source

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