A laundry room is the place where you wash and dry your clothes. However there are other activities that happen there too. You fold your clothes or you iron, sometimes you let them soak or just hang them to air dry. This space should be functional but it also needs to be pleasant since you are going to spend time in it. Today we picked 10 laundry renovation design ideas that might be of help.

Diy Laundry Renovation

diy laundry renovation


You can make a built in closet where you can put your laundry. It will take less space from the room and you can always hide just by closing the doors. Make sure to built shelves and cupboards for detergents above the machines.

Laundry Room Closet Renovation

laundry room closet renovation


You can combine the laundry room with your walk in closet. This will make your life easier with folding and putting away your freshly washed clothes. Having large windows will help with light and air. You can also see Modern House Designs

Small Bathroom Laundry Renovation

small bathroom laundry renovation


Install your laundry in the bathroom along with a couple cabinets above the washing machine. You can choose the machinery to match in color with the bathroom like the in the picture.

Basement Laundry Room Renovation

basement laundry room renovation


You can set your basement as your spacious laundry room. Design a useful space for both washing your clothes and relaxing while waiting for them to finish.

Cool Laundry Room Design

cool laundry room design

Design by : Curtis Laney & Laney, The Design Company

Take advantage of the space to build cabinets and closets for laundry storage and drying. This modern set up can be completed by adding a glass table with an interesting design.

Laundry Room Interior Design

laundry room interior design

Design by : Jon Eady Photographer

You can place your laundry in the mud room. The space that it will take will be less if the machinery is placed on top of each other, needing only adequate height in the room.

Laundry Floor Tiles Remodeling

laundry floor tiles remodeling


If you want to make a change in your laundry room you can just change the flooring. Use tiles in dark colors to set an antithesis with your white appliances.

Laundry Room Wall Cabinets Redo

laundry room wall cabinets redo


If you want to change the cabinets you can redo them in a white beach style. You can complete the room with a dark marble countertop and patterned flooring.

Sleek Basement Laundry Room Remodel

sleek basement laundry room


Like this transitional laundry room you can choose neutral colors to match the walls with the cabinetry and the countertops. Additional shelving will give you more storage space.

White Laundry Room Design

white laundry room design


You can remodel your laundry room in white colors. You can always break the whiteness with a poster or some wall art in other colors giving a fresh point of view in this room.

Renovation of Gray Laundry Room Closet

gray laundry room closet design


Laundry Room Renovation with Wall Clock

laundry room with wall clock idea


Narrow White Laundry Room Renovation

narrow white laundry room design


Laundry Room Remodel with Floor Tile

laundry room with floortile


Traditional Laundry Room Remodel

traditional laundry room design


Oak Laundry Room Remodel

oak laundry room design


Rustic Laundry Room Renovation

rustic dining room design

Design by : Dovetail Kitchen Designs

Laundry rooms need to be tidy and clean. Make sure that there is enough natural light in the room. If you don’t have large windows you can invest in hidden lighting under the cabinets. Organize the room according to your needs. This way you can arrange the room to a more practical layout that will work for you.

Beach Style Laundry Room Renovation

beach style laundry room

Design by : Redbud Construction Services

Modern Renovation Laundry Room Design

modern laundry room design


Renovation Laundry Room Shelves Idea

laundry room with shelves idea


The process of doing laundry can be boring. But an organized spacious laundry room can make the activity go by a lot smoother. Make your space pleasant. Arrange it and decorate it according to your style and preferences. Think about the things you do in your laundry and get creative.

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