Thanks to creativity and advancement in technology, the laundry room is no longer a boring space in which you can quickly do chores. With more people thinking of enhancing organization and appearance of the space, adding cabinets to a bathroom has become mandatory. They not only improve the visual appearance of the bathroom but work to make the room less messy, comfortable and efficient. Cabinet designs can also serve multiple roles hence making activities in the bathroom easier and enjoyable.

Laundry Room Wall Cabinet Design

Create more space on the floor by opting for laundry room wall cabinet designs. They are usually suspended on the walls and may include open shelves so as to easily see and reach the item you want to pick.

White Laundry Room Wall Cabinet

Laundry Room Wooden Wall Cabinet

Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Laundry storage cabinets are perfect for locking and organizing washing supplies and other items. When choosing these cabinets, always consider the weight and needs of the space. You can place scones and under-cabinet strips to improve the light and brighten up the laundry room.

Wall Mounted Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

White Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

Traditional Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

Small Laundry Room Cabinet Design Ideas

Your small laundry room can still be practical and clutter free when you opt for cabinets that enhance efficiency and functionality. Cabinets with Bins or pull out hamper can store dirty laundry away from the floor and make it easier to move around the room.

Small Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

Small Laundry Room Base Cabinet

Laundry Room Sink Cabinets

Are you looking for a way to maximize your bathroom space? Then opt for laundry room sink cabinets. These cabinets are usually placed under the sink and work to store extra toiletries. They can float to make more floor space under which you can put a box for keeping dirty socks.

Laundry Room Utility Sink Cabinet

Tiffany MacKinnon

White Laundry Room Cabinets

While some colors tend to be trendy one season and out the next, white is timeless hence your bathroom will look fashion forward when you add white cabinets. White is clean, fresh and often associated with high hygiene standard which makes it ideal for the bathroom.

White Laundry Room Base Cabinet

White Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

White Functional Laundry Floor Cabinet

Laundry Room Vanity Cabinets

Laundry room vanity cabinets enhance décor and provide more storage space. If your bathroom window is small and doesn’t let in enough natural light, then add under cabinet lighting to provide additional light to the room. You can make use of all the spaces by placing your washing machine on top of a platform with drawers.

White Laundry Room Vanity Cabinet

Laundry Room Tall Cabinets

Tall bathroom cabinets with many shallow drawers, revolving shelves or pull out trays are space efficient. Floor to ceiling designs with sliding doors can be placed on either side of the window to create a balanced room. Place them where you will often use them like next to your washing machine.

Laundry Room Tall Storage Cabinet

Modern Laundry Room Cabinets

Modern laundry room cabinets use colors that complement walls and floor. They are space efficient, keep things in the bathroom organized and add an aesthetic appeal to the room. Open cabinets are a major component of modern laundry room as they display luxurious linens.

Modern Laundry Room Wood Cabinet

Inspired Interiors

Modern Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

Laundry Room Floor Cabinets

Laundry room floor cabinets are moving towards improving functionality and appeal by incorporating drawers to make items more accessible to everyone in the house. They can close off a blind corner and with plenty of counter space and storage space; the laundry room becomes orderly and fun to do chores.

Rustic Laundry Room Floor Cabinet

White Laundry Room Floor Cabinet

The type of bathroom cabinet you choose will depend on your budget, space size, preference and personal style. Cabinets help to put laundry items like washing soap organized so each family member can quickly reach these items when they are doing laundry chores. Opt for corner cabinets which are practical, functional and tend to meet most people’s needs.

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