Blunt haircut has made its impact in the minds of the connoisseurs of fashion when it first emerged from the hands of the hair stylist Vidal Sassoon. It emerged as an iconoclastic hairdo for any shape of face and any hair texture. This has been one of the most picked hairdos for fashionistas down the decades as this haircut can be tried out in any kind of hair giving it a bouncy, voluminous look.

Center Part Blunt Cut

center part blunt cut


Blunt Haircut with Bangs

blunt haircut with bangs


Blunt cut in modern day is no longer simply running the scissors through your hair giving it a rounded shape interiorly curved and shortened till your neck. Blunt cut is now used as the base to make a prominent display of some experimental patterns that gives you a prim and proper look. If you have a thinner hair texture a blunt cut will give your hair a moderate weight and shape and if you have a thick mane, it will add an extra bounce to your hair.

Black and Silky Blunt Hair

black and sliky blunt hair


Fabulous Blunt Hair Cut

wonderful blunt haircut


Awesome Blunt Haircut for Women

awesome blunt haircut for women


Bangs-Blunt Haircut for Beautiful Girl

bangs blunt haircut for beautiful girl


Simple Blunt Haircut

simple blunt haircut


White Blunt Haircut

white blunt haircut


Amazing Blunt Haircut

amazing blunt haircut


Re markeble Blunt Haircut

remarkeble blunt haircut


Good Looking Blunt Hair

good looking blunt hair


Creative Blunt Haircut

creative blunt haircut


Trendy Look Blunt Cut

trendy look blunt cut


Blunt hair cut is not just popular among the teenagers or younger generation. It is equally accepted and fancied by women of older generation. If you have a square shaped face with thick mane, the chic blunt bob haircut can be a good option for you. You can use highlighters to an A lined blunt bob haircut which is classy and elegant.

While you choose to go for a makeover, be sure what kind of look you want to bring into your personality. Go for a hairstyle that demands less maintenance and gives you comfort.

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