Watch Designs

With the emergence of mobile phones, wrist watches were thought to have lost their place in the world. However, fashion has made it easier to wear this timeless accessory and still look trendy elegant and sophisticated. Nowadays you can customize your watch to highlight your style and comes in a design that makes you get attached to your favorite brand. The trend of wearing big wrist watches is popular with ladies, and you can even go as far as opting for those with a lot of bling! You can get a watch with a vintage, modern or classic appeal whereby they complement all outfits and properly fit both formal and casual occasions. Read More

A watch is an accessory that you can easily spot on a man, making it the most valuable and available item in the wardrobe of most men. From rubber sports watches, automatic to mechanical designs, you can get one in a design that you love and that which reflects your personality. Apart from telling time, leather wrist watches with minimal numerical indexes will complement a tuxedo or a business designer suit. It is not just about wearing a watch that looks good on you, but also having different types of designs to suit your lifestyle.

While a watch that gauges distance, altitude and even temperature is practical, it doesn’t suit a formal event. However, you can still wear it when going camping, gym, hiking, water sports or hunting. With so many appealing sizes, designs and shape, it can be confusing for a woman to choose the perfect wrist watch. Nevertheless, the first step is to match a watch with your lifestyle. Watches with large faces in either metal or leather strands best suit everyday wear while those with gemstones fit formal events where you get to wear a cocktail or your little black dress. The skin type also matters just like the outfit you will be wearing. Therefore getting a watch with interchangeable wristbands will give you the freedom to have different bands that complement any occasion.

Small, simple watches are attractive and look good in either a man or woman. While the standard black or brown leather watches are a favorite with most people, you can up your styling game by opting for white gold, bamboo and hipster watch designs. For a casual look go for those in animal prints, brown or vibrant colors such as red, pink and rose gold.