Every designer wants to make their design different and patterns play an important role in this process. They just do not provide a background to the designs but also gives a meaning to them. They are also used for articulating messages in designs the further adds on to the overall look.

Here are certain carpet patterns that are cool and will make the designs more attractive and complete. Patterns are said to be a repetition of same design and this repetition can create magic when used properly.
Vintage Carpet Pattern Design.

Vintage Carpet Pattern Design

vintage carpet pattern design

This pattern is different from others with a decorative frame and ornamental pattern that reminds of the vintage carpets. It can be used for background and other purposes. It is available in vector illustration that is fully editable.

Purple Ornate Carpet Pattern

purple ornate carpet pattern

This purple ornate carpet pattern is rich in texture and can be used at different designs for giving them a rich look. It is available in high resolution that will help you recreate the size without any issues in the quality of the vector file.

Fabric Seamless Pattern

fabric seamless pattern

A hand sewed yellow and black geometric carpet pattern that is clean and tidy and perfect for using in any design. Use this vector file for giving an enriched look to your creations.

Classic Red Carpet Pattern

classic red carpet pattern

This is a classic red carpet pattern that is full of Arabic designs. It is available in vector illustration that can be resized according to the artwork. The richness of this carpet patterns comes from its color that is red. You may also See Aztec Patterns

Vintage Floral Carpet Pattern

vintage carpet pattern

A tribal rug that is beautiful and in good condition. The tribal designs of the carpet make it look ethnic and unique. It is good for any decorating style and suitable for using as a background or even a part of the vintage design.

Colorful Floral Carpet Pattern

colorful floral carpet pattern

This is a collection of different colorful floral patterns that are lovely and cute. They are perfect for using in different designs and enrich them. These are a treat for any graphic designer as they can create magic with these floral patterns.

Woven Carpet Pattern Design

colorful carpet pattern

This is a highly colorful hand woven carpet that is full of diamond patterns. It is best suitable for any background that needs something as enriched as this. This vector file can be edited as per your requirement and resized. The pixels of the pattern will remain same.

Fabric Seamless Carpet Pattern

fabric seamless carpet patterns

The next carpet pattern is fabric seamless carpet pattern that is different from the rest of the designs given in the collection. It includes Romanian traditional embroidery that gives it the rich look it has. This file is available in vector format making it possible to redesign the artwork the way you like.

Tileable Carpet Photoshop Patterns

tileable carpet photoshop patterns

This carpet pattern is seamless and tileable that can be used in different ways. The file includes PAT and PNG file that will make editing this pattern easier for you. For understanding everything associated with this pattern collection take help from the text help file. So, go through it and use this pattern.

Floral and Geometric Carpet Pattern

floral and geometric carpet pattern

This is another unique item in this collection that is full of floral and geometric pattern. Enriched with various colors this carpet pattern can be used in different sizes as it is available in vector illustration.

Dark Carpet Pattern Designs

dark carpet pattern designs

Blue Ornament Carpet Pattern

blue carpet pattern1

Turkish Carpet with Pattern

turkish carpet pattern design

Ethenic Carpet Pattern

ethenic carpet pattern

Traditional Ornamental Carpet Patterns

traditional ornamental carpet patterns

Blue Mandala Carpet Pattern

blue mandala carpet pattern

Now, that you have got a collection of carpet patterns you can let your imagination do the rest for you. Most of the files are available in vector format making it simpler for you to edit them and use in your artworks. Use these patterns in an enriched way and make your artwork look elegant and astonishing like these patterns.

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