Carpets are great examples of texture designs. They come in various patterns, materials and density that add style and charm in many projects. Carpet designs are able to bring a fresh or a classic look to projects depending on each design’s pattern and color combination. If you want to know more about these textures keep on reading. We have prepared a collection of carpet texture designs that will give you inspiration for many new projects.

Red Carpet Texture

Get a little bit of glamour in your projects with a red carpet texture. These designs have rich color and come in many fancy shades to give a different outcome.

Wine Red Carpet Texture

wine red carpet texture

New Red Carpet Texture

new red carpet texture

Modern Carpet Texture

Take notice at the patterns and colors a modern carpet might have. You can create a stunning look with incredible designs of geometric and generally abstract patterns for extra character. You may also see Fabric Textures

Modern Grey Carpet Texture

modern grey carpet texture

Free Modern Carpet Texture

free modern carpet texture

Seamless Carpet Texture

Seamless designs can give you stunning results regardless of your project’s size. The available designs come with stunning weave and elegant colors that will work as perfect background designs for web sites.

Brown Seamless Carpet Texture

brown seamless carpet texture

Blue Carpet Seamless Texture

blue carpet seamless texture

Blue Carpet Texture

Blue as a color can give a serene look that soothes and boosts calmness. With a blue carpet you can create a beautiful project that will communicate pleasant and calming feelings.

Dark Blue Carpet Texture

dark blue carpet texture

Blue Wool Carpet Texture

blue furry carpet texture

Carpet Floor Texture

Carpet floor textures come in various colors featuring stunning patterns. You can go for a creative pattern to add a visually interesting element in projects like websites and posters.

Blue Carpet Floor Texture

blue carpet floor texture

Red Carpet Floor Texture

red carpet floor texture

Black Carpet Texture

In the black carpet the details add a dramatic look that will make a fantastic backdrop design for web sites, blogs and posters. You can find them in psd and jpg format files.

Dark Black Carpet Texture

dark black carpet texture

Black Straw Carpet Texture

black straw carpet texture

Carpet Tile Texture

In case, you want a tiled design you can find them in carpet textures too. You can see them sporting fantastic decorative elements with abstract look that is suitable for many projects.

Grey and Blue Carpet Tiling Texture

colorful carpet tiling texture1

Green Carpet Tile Texture

green carpet tile texture

Grey Carpet Texture

The shades of grey are too many to count and so are the carpet texture designs. There is a great variety to choose from in order to add in posters and book covers.

Bright Grey Carpet Texture

bright grey carpet texture

Dirty Grey Color Carpet Texture

dirty grey color carpet texture

White Carpet Texture

A white carpet will always look pure and elegant like snow. You can find many designs featuring simple or complex weave that will add character in you project designs.

White Shaggy Carpet Texture

white shaggy carpet texture

White Wool Carpet Texture

white wool carpet texture

Colorful Carpet Texture

Colorful carpets have a stunning set of colors that is suitable for many projects. You can choose them as background element in web sites, posters and blogs that need extra color.

High Quality Colorful Carpet Texture

high quality colorful carpet texture

Colorful Rainbow Carpet Texture

colorful rainbow carpet texture

Bright Colorful Carpet Texture

bright colorful carpet texture

Many of these designs have a charming outlook to any project that you might feel that needs something more. Bring color and noise in your designs with innovative styles like cloth textures to add character and a decorative element through stunning designs with eye-catching patterns to make a difference.

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