Texture designs are the holy grail of every graphic designer. They can add style and character to any project bringing a stunning look with excellent results that are sure to steal everyone’s attention. You can find many designs like the fabric texture designs ones that can make your projects look homey and fashionable. For this post we have scoured the web and we are bringing you a collection of cloth textures to spark your project’s inspiration.

White Cloth Texture

White cloth textures come in various designs giving you multiple choices for many projects. You will find them in materials like silk, wool and cotton as well as other designs.

White Fabric Cloth Texture

white fabric cloth texture

White Cotton Cloth Texture

white cotton cloth texture

Seamless Cloth Texture

Seamless textures can give you versatile use. You can literally use them in every project adding character and a visual interest that looks attractive as a background feature design.

Grid Cloth Seamless Texture

grid cloth seamless texture

Grey Seamless Cloth Texture

grey seamless cloth texture

Cloth Fabric Texture

Cloth fabric textures are available in every fabric you can imagine. You will find them in stunning colors that will add style to your projects while making it look mature and complete.

Plain Cloth Fabric Texture

plain cloth fabric texture

Floral Cloth Fabric Texture

floral cloth fabric texture

Table Cloth Texture

Table cloth designs have a homey look that will make everyone think of their home. You can find them in stunning checkered designs featuring various retro color combinations.

Blue and White Table Cloth Texture

blue and white table cloth texture

Red and White Checkered Table Cloth Texture

red and white checkered table cloth texture

Bamboo Table Cloth Texture

bamboo table cloth texture

Silk Cloth Texture

Silk is the epitome of elegance and that’s why it can bring a luxurious look to every project. Available in all colors to choose and with various contours to add personality.

Blue Silk Cloth Texture

blue silk cloth texture

Curved Blue Silk Cloth Texture

curved blue silk cloth texture

Canvas Cloth Texture

Canvas is a versatile cloth that can be used in many designs. It comes mostly in earthy colors but you can find it in other designs too with seamless quality.

Grey Canvas Cloth Texture

grey canvas cloth texture

Old Sack Canvas Cloth Texture

old sack canvas cloth texture

Striped Cloth Texture

If you want to make your designs look interesting and stylish you can choose a striped cloth texture to add as a background element. You can find them in many color combinations.

Colorful Striped Cloth Texture

colorful striped cloth texture

Rough Striped Cloth Texture

rough striped cloth texture

Sofa Cloth Texture

Sofas tend to have elegant designs and prints on their cloth designs making them ideal for projects like web sites, blogs and posters. They are available in jpg and psd.

Vintage Sofa Cloth Texture

vintage sofa cloth texture

Blue Color Sofa Cloth Texture

blue color sofa cloth texture

Velvet Cloth Texture

Velvet is a royal fabric that can give extreme elegance and style. You can find them in many designs sporting stunning colors and giving you extra style and luxurious character.

Cherry Velvet Fabric Cloth Texture

cherry velvet fabric cloth texture

Red Velvet Cloth Texture

red velvet cloth texture

Cotton Cloth Texture

Cotton cloth designs will give you incredible results in both digital and printed mediums. Choose a high resolution design that will give you optimum results for greeting cards and web sites.

Pink Smooth Cotton Cloth Texture

pink smooth cotton cloth texture

Red Cotton Cloth Material Texture

red cotton cloth material texture

In the family of cloth designs you can find other themes like the leather textures. With these textures you can complete your projects with a fancy background or with incredible decorative elements. No matter what you choose it will give you stunning looks and elegance for memorable and impressive projects.

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