Texture is used by many graphic designers as a means to add a something extra to a project. The variety of texture designs is really enormous and they are available all across the web. But not all textures are same. Wood textures have a natural look that can be used in every style and project. Let’s take a look at the most popular wood texture designs that are available and draw some inspiration for projects.

Wood Floor Textures

Wood flooring has a homey feeling that will make your projects look inviting. Choose the wood flooring texture in a light color combination in order to make it look bright and cozy. You will find many designs in psd, jpg and eps format files that allow customization regarding their size.

Seamless Wood Floor Texture

sealess wood floor texture

Dark Wood Floor Texture

dark wood floor texture

Old Wood Textures

Old wood tends to look worn and it bears marks of staining, ruts and cracks. The available designs can give you a natural look while the aged texture will add a touch of vintage that is suitable for web sites, blogs, brochures and wallpapers. Find them in every known format.

Old Dark Wood Texture

old dark wood texture

Old White Wood Texture

old white wood texture

Old Barn Wood Texture

old barn wood texture

Dark Wood Textures

Introduce powerful doses of mystique quality to your projects with dark wood textures. These designs have deep and rich colors that range from grey to mahogany and are available in jpg, png and eps format files. Most are ready to use forms while others might require size modification.

Dark Brown Wood Texture

dark brown wood texture

Tileable Dark Wood Texture

tileable dark wood texture

Wood Plank Textures

From polished and slick to weathered wood planks there is a great variety to choose from. Suitable for greeting cards, magazines, blogs and web sites, you can use these deigns as background elements in order to add some elegance in the design. Available in fully editable jpg format files.

Old Wood Plank Texture

old wood plank texture

Vector Wood Plank Texture

vector wood plank texture

Brown Wood Plank Texture

brown wood plank texture

Rustic Wood Textures

Visible grains, heavy staining, cracks and weathered wood are the key features for rustic wood textures. There are textures in vertical and horizontal wood planks that can create different looks. Find them in psd, eps and png format files and customize them to fit every project’s particular needs.

Rustic Wooden Board Texture

rustic wooden board texture

Old Rustic Wood Texture

old rustic wood texture

Wood Grain Textures

Taking a closer look on the different wood textures you will notice that wood grains have different patterns. Lines, shapes and curves bring many designs that are suitable for various projects like corporate web sites, business cards and magazines. Find the design that suits you and create something eye catching.

Weathered Wood Grain Texture

weathered wood grain texture

Vector Wood Grain Texture

vector wood grain texture

Burnt Wood Textures

Despite the ominous look of burned wood, we can all agree that as a background texture design it looks charming. Burned wood textures are available all across the web in various format files like psd, eps and jpg that can be modified and customized accordingly to fit your needs.

Charred Wood Texture

charred wood texture

Black Burnt Wood Texture

black burnt wood texture

Burnt Wood Plank Texture

burnt wood plank texture

3D Wood Textures

Make a difference and bring in some good old 3D art for your projects. A 3D wood texture is going to give a modern tone while maintaining the beauty of the wood. Available in many known format files offering full customization properties to customize according to each project.

3D Teak Wood Texture

3d teak wood texture

Tree Wood Textures

Tree bark has a rugged surface that looks natural sturdy. The tree wood texture designs that are available come in customization friendly format files in jpg, psd and png. You can work on their size to fit digital and print projects like business cards, brochures and web sites and blogs.

Old Tree Wood Texture

old tree wood texture

Tree Bark Wood Texture

tree bark wood texture

Seamless Tree Wood Texture

seamless tree wood texture

White Wood Textures

White as a color has serene and pleasant qualities that can give you the most gorgeous results. Combined with the natural qualities of the wood, it will bring you a bright and sophisticated design that will draw everyone’s eyes.

White Wood Grain Texture

white wood grain texture

White Washed Wood Texture

white washed wood texture

Black Wood Textures

Black and dark grey tones can give you a bold look of elegance. Black wood textures are suitable for a variety of projects while they can perfectly work as desktop wallpapers too. You can find them in fully editable formats like jpg, psd and png to customize regarding their size.

Dark Black Wood Texture

dark black wood texture

Black Wood Grain Texture

black wood grain texture

Oak Wood Textures

Oak wood has light colored designs that make projects look brighter. Make your project shine with an elegant design of oak wood texture design with visible grains that come in planks or seamless design. Available in every known format file with customizable properties.

Cherry Oak Wood Texture

cherry oak wood texture

Brown Oak Wood Texture

brown oak wood texture

Wood Crate Textures

Crates can either give you an industrial or rustic look. Choose the right design depending on your project’s nature as well as on the resolution quality. Available in customizable jpg, png and psd format files.

Old Wood Crate Texture

old wood crate texture

Wood textures are going to add a touch of natural quality. Use various colors and grain designs to bring out the natural beauty every time.

Every wood type has unique characteristics. You can play around with the different designs available in wood textures in order to achieve the desired results. It might look traditional piece of material however you can find the ultimate modern texture designs in wood that are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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