In graphic designing, textures have their own utility! They give new dimensions to the designs that are unique and interesting. By using wicker texture designs in any artwork you give them an organic look and make them different. Textures just do not make fascinating designs but are also best for giving the design a body.

Here is collection of certain wicker texture designs that can be used for various purposes while you complete your artwork and provide them a different look.

Seamless Wicker Texture

This is a shot of natural woven wicker that is in black and white. It is simple and seamless and can make a perfect background for any design.

Tileable Wicker Texture Design

The second texture design of this collection is of tileable wicker texture. It can be used for various purpose including background and website designing. It gives different looking effects that include cane, wicker, bamboo, straw mat and others.

Wicker Basket Texture

Wicker baskets have their own appeal and here is one for you. This seamless wicker basket texture will help you design an enriched artwork. It can be resized according to your need.

White Wicker Texture Design

This is another white wicket texture design that is available in different formats to suit your designing requirements. Its simplicity is its beauty that will enrich your designs.

Layered Woven Texture

The next wicker texture is layered woven texture that can be used either as a background of any design or in web designing. It is intricately woven that makes it look elegant and sophisticated. It can be used in different designs as it is available in different file formats to suit your need. You may also See Bamboo Textures

Simple Photoshop Wicker Texture

This simple Photoshop wicket texture has rushed matting effect which gives the design a rusty and elegant look. This is available in PSD file so using it in your artwork is very simple. Add them to the layers that you want and make a unique design that astonishes everyone.

Vector Wicker Texture Design

This is a perfect texture for wicker background. This file is available in vector format that allows you to edit the file as per your designing needs. You can resize the texture to any other size without a problem with the quality of the texture. The woven style of this texture makes it give a unique feel when used as background.

Handcrafted Natural Wicker Texture

Hand crafted wicker has their own effect and when used as a background they make the designs complete. So, does this handcrafted natural wicket texture. It is available in different formats that include PSD for using in your artwork. It is a vector texture image which can be easily changed to any other size.

High Quality Wicker Texture

The wicker texture is of high-quality hand-weaved texture that has a shine of its own. It is best to be used as a background of any design for it gives a complete look that will enhance the beauty of the design.

Wicker Woven Roof Texture

The last texture in this collection is circular in pattern and can make things look beautiful. It is available in vector format that make editing the file easier and simpler.

Wicker Wooden Texture

Wicker Roof Texture

Brown Woven Wicker Texture

Free Wicker Weave Texture

Old Wicker Texture

Abstract Wicker Texture

Texture of Wicker Basket

Silver Wicker Texture

Free Downloadble Wicker Texture

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