Rustic design gets its inspiration from English, French and Spanish country homes. Typical features of rustic design are rugged looks, multiple wooden textures and natural colours, etc. Designing a rustic bedroom can be simple and fun. However, if want to give it a carefully studied distressed appearance without it getting chaotic, it might becomes a complex affair.

Rustic Master Bedroom Design

rustic master bedroom design

Rug Rustic Bedroom Design

rug rustic bedroom design


Decorative Rustic Bedroom Design

decorative rustic bedroom design


Many country houses and mountain cabins have wooden walls and ceilings, hence wood is one of the most common building material found in rustic rooms. However, you can also achieve a rustic ambience with bare brick walls. Your furniture, including the bed and dresser will also depend on the degree of rusticity you want your bedroom to reflect. Hence furniture styles can range from antiques and traditional to old, faded furniture picked up at garage sales.

Cool Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

cool rustic bedroom interior design

Prefect Rustic Master Bedroom Design

prefect rustic master bedroom design

Dramatic Rustic Bedroom Design

dramatic rustic bedroom design

Awesome Rustic Master Bedroom

awesome rustic master bedroom1

The electric fixtures in your rustic bedroom should also be consistent with the style. Hence, go with old-fashioned ceiling fans and table lamps. A chandelier may seem paradoxical in a rustic bedroom, but if you must have one, select one that can blend into the ambience. A pair of antlers on the wall above the bed would give your room an authentic rustic statement. If your bedroom does not have a fireplace, consider installing one with a wooden mantle on the wall above.

Country Side Rustic Bedroom Interior

country side rustic bedroom interior

Amazing Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

amazing rustic bedroom interior design

Wood Wall Rustic Interior Design

wood wall rustic bedroom interior

Classic Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

classic rustic bedroom interior design

Elegant Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

elegant rustic bedroom interior design

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Fancy Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

fancy rustic bedroom interior design

Modish Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

modish rustic bedroom interior design

Simple Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

simple rustic bedroom interior design

Wooden Rustic Bedroom Interior

wooden rustic bedroom interior design

Hard Wood Rustic Bedroom Interior

hard wood rustic bedroom interior

Darkwood Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

darkwood rustic bedroom interior design

Flat Rustic Bedroom Design

flat rustic bedroom design

Eclectic Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

eclectic rustic bedroom interior design

Stunning Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

stunning rustic bedroom interior design1

Uneven Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

uneven rustic bedroom interior design

Unpolished Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

unpolished rustic bedroom interior design

Sassy Rustic Bedroom Interior Design

sassy rustic bedroom interior design

If your bedroom has a balcony, give it the full treatment of a rustic porch, complete with a wicker table and chairs. You could also use wicker to decorate the ceiling. If you have a window to the lawn, consider designing a French window with a rustic look. For the floor, you may look no further than wooden boards or hardwood. However, you may look into tiles with a wood finish. A dishevelled area rug or one in the centre of the bedroom will definitely not be out of place in your rustic retreat.

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